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Will you escape this ghostly grasp, or will you succumb to the dark and the terror that lies within?


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Paranormal Nightmares is an upcoming story driven horror game. You play as a young female named Kira and explore through several locations in an attempt to find a remedy for her ailing friend; all the while being hunted by a vengeful ghost named Alessa and a creeping darkness.

Paranormal Nightmares is based on Harvest Fall, Indiana. The town is very small and oldest. Harvest Fall have its town hall, police station, and other many buildings including places that are being used for Paranormal Nightmares.

These characters that you will meet in Paranormal Nightmares. Kira is your main character that you will control while escaping from Paranormal Nightmares’ villain, Alessa.

Paranormal Nightmares will have most eeriest, spookiest, and suspense that horror players would love. The game will be in dark so your friend will be your flashlight that will help you explore in dark.

Paranormal Nightmares will have your typical controls such as run, pick up, open, and quick time events. There will be some scripted controls that comes with man-made objects like ladder, buttons while there are nature objects like, big log, boulders and more. 

This is where you can download our demo to try it out before you can back this project because we want to show you how we are serious with this project.

To download our demo; simply click image below.