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Mobile application that allows its user to develop their happiness intelligence, productivity, and dream planning and execution skills.


Passion Behind Mission

Human Prosperity, Inc.‘s mission is to ensure prosperity of humanity by enabling everyone to be happy, productive, and live their dreams every day.

The mission is a passion born from the founder’s 30+ years of pain and suffering in order to save others from the same fate and drive human prosperity to new levels never seen before in history — where it should be if we all worked together as one.

What Are We Building using This Fund

Since the inception of the company on 7/27/2020, we have successfully completed phase 1 of the company, which was to provide life guides for free and coaching services for those that need extra help. 

Now, we are ready to start phase 2, which is to build mobile applications (iOS & Android) to digitize our company’s offerings so they can be accessible to everyone in the world at an affordable price. 

The mobile application will provide the following packages:

  •  Core Training: This will address 4 areas to provide direction, values, and maximize happiness intelligence and productivity. First is setting a personal mission or dream. Second is embedding common values needed to build a solid foundation for everything else. Third is mastering 4 happiness steps to maximize happiness intelligence — the ability to be happy. Last is mastering 4 productivity steps to get things done fast with highest quality. Essentially, this will cover everything in http://hp.guide 
  •  All Training: This includes everything from Core Training plus many happiness & productivity skills and techniques, such as memorization, execution, thinking, physical training, leaderships, and empowerment, from http://double.guide 
  •  Dream Planning/Execution: Set big dreams and come up with concrete steps to execute towards them. Planning will be done based on 24 hours and also weekly basis to ensure things are happening and user is living their dream every day — as we never know what will happen tomorrow.

Aside from training, coaching sessions for each package can be scheduled as well so users can get extra help they need to be happy, productive, and live their dreams every day!

Who is Max Zheng?

I am the Founder & CEO of Human Prosperity, Inc. Before founding the company in July 2020, I have been a software engineer with over a decade of experience building highly scalable web applications, data infrastructures, and tools at companies like LinkedIn.

After iterating on A Great Life Guide for almost 2 years, it was finally completed at end of June. Since then, I have been able to be truly happy, fully productive, and live my dreams every day, and hence I have decided to dedicate my life to help others to do the same by forming my company.

In less than 2 months, while working another full-time job, I have resolved all conflicts with everyone in the past, written Double Your Happiness and Productivity guide, mastered the art of coaching professionally, created the Human Prosperity podcast (available on YouTube as well) with 30+ guests ranging from CEOs to Forbes contributor, and many more.

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