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Game – Saga
Chapter 1 “Egypt”.


 You watched the scarab beetle for too long and suddenly the whole world whirled and you found yourself in a different time, a different era .. You will have to reveal the secrets of this world, fight with mystical characters,  find the path of the scarab and hopes that the next world will be yours ..

The idea of creating a game comes under two years ago and now the project came to life. It takes a long time to pick up materials and heroes. Build a storyline. Weeks of round-the-clock work and now the first part of the saga  “Egypt” has acquired its own life and plans to appear on Steam for PC and Mac at the end of April 2021. With potential plans for other platforms, but wait and see…

I really hope that Kickstarter will help immensely with filling the game with more great content, paying expensive bills that any start-up indie studio has to pay. I can hire an artist to make more weapons, character animations and a variety of visual assets. As well as paying to music composer and SFX designer to continue to create beautiful tracks and much needed audio effects for the game. The vast majority of the money raised will simply go directly back into the game itself to make it that much better, adding more content and a higher level of polish. I will need some of the cash to pay business costs, things like accounting, trademarks, set up fees, software licensing, legal fees, etc. Then if there’s any money left over, I can use it for marketing and help pay the bills.