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Oct 10, 2020
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Dec 09, 2020

A love story emphasizing migration and deportation. The two protagonists of the story hush to hear destiny’s call.


  Movie theater is my second home; it is where the magic happens. In my second home popcorn and coke are served at all times, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the place that allows me to truly express myself. In my imagination, I become whomever I want, cast member or camera man, especially a director or creator like Quentin or Spielberg. I feel free. These days, I find myself asking the same question that Toni Morrison answered a while ago: what if there is a story that I would love to tell and nobody has told it yet? I guess, she would want me to go for it. Now, here I am, presenting to you Paula: My first attempt at achieving my child-and-adulthood dream of directing. This time, cameras and lenses can’t wait to be pointed to a Caribbean village where the two protagonists of the story have to step up to share one of  the most precious gifts ever offered by the universe, love. The story starts in the U.S, and as we follow it to JACMEL, a small village, south of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, we must always remember that finding peace of mind must never be taken for granted. I will have the  privilege to work with an outstanding group of talented but little known actors, and this, will make the project even more exciting.The passion in their eyes, and their motivation flow well with the storyline.  I strongly believe this unique story needs to be shared with the world. With your help, I can make it possible to do so. 

Thank you for your support. 

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