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An animal network to match with animal lovers, adopt and find a pet!


Hi! my name is Paula Garcia and due to the pandemic I am a person concerned about animal’s wellbeing and social reactivation, especially in my case being an only child, with a single parent family and only having a pet to have fun with.

I couldn’t think of anything better than to create an application with the aim of solving this problem.

I learned to code myself from scratch through online courses and after a year I managed to make an app called PawCrush: let your pet choose your mate and go on a double date!

with the main objective of connecting people through a common interest that is love for animals. 

For which I placed three modalities:

1. Match: on many occasions due to our daily life there is no time to make new relationships or friendships with different interests for our mutual enrichment.

2. Adopt: the opportunity to adopt a pet to ensure that these pets have a decent home with an owner who loves them and gives them the love and treatment they deserve.

3. Lost & Found: to find all those lost pets with an owner, because I know how it would feel to lose my pet and not know where to go or where to spread the word. 

The PawCrush app is now available on the App Store and Google Play

And without any paid marketing whatsoever, we are now in 25 countries around the world!

With your help, this app will help thousands of pets to find their owners and people to find their pets finding their ultimate PawCrush. 

Your help will go to marketing to expand our reach, promoting pet adoption all around the world!