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Dec 09, 2020
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Jan 08, 2021

An app that centralizes all the information about a product and the company’s environmental footprint and their social outreach.


 Have you ever been in a department store, perhaps standing in the sock isle, wondering which company does the most good with your dollar? PESO is here to help you narrow down your choices and answer that question.  

PESO is an app that centralizes all the important information about a product into one place. With a simple scan of the product’s bar code, or a search on our engine of the product or company name, you can see reviews about the product itself, and the company behind it in and what they’re doing in terms of their environmental and social outreach. 

Google Reviews and Yelp can be helpful, but at times they do not give the most in-depth answer and can be filled with a biased connotation. Our reviews will combine the product rating itself, the companies environmental impact, and social outreach (such as giving back to hurting communities) into one overall score, hence the name- PESO. 

It has never been more important to emphasize which companies are doing the ‘most good’ with our dollar. Help this project take off, and we can do just that!