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A new fashion watch with an elegant rough industrial finish – Made For Everyday.



As you may know, Rome was not built in a day, and that same philosophy has been with us during the entire development of the AM1-series. As a result of this, the Piero Salvani AM1-series has exceeded our own very high expectations and is truly a perfect match to our vision. 

For the curious ones, the story behind a product is important since it may include things you can associate with. Furthermore, the story will give you knowledge about the design work, thoughts behind, effort and processing steps.

We will give you the full story behind the Piero Salvani AM1-series and we are truly proud of this artwork that you will soon be able to put on your wrist.


For the design we were inspired by a subject related to one of our interests, i.e. interior design in the context of industrial style. This subject has contributed to ideas and details in the design behind the watch. For many this sounds crazy, trying to create an elegant watch with rough industrial inspiration ideas. However, that is what we used to develop our Piero Salvani AM1-series.

For a more accurate design we have not only trusted our own knowledge about industrial style. We did research to learn more about it. We did studies as well as used folks’ interpretation related to industrial style. We studied its definition and did interviews with people to get a vision of the final design.

Industrial style

Over the 21st century people have decorated their homes with inspiration from the industry. Typically old industrial objects that are modernized are used. This type of interior design is defined as industrial style. For us, the home is a place that is a part of the heart that you love and care about. Carrying something you love and care about would probably have the same impact and feel natural, thus trigger the same feeling. That was our thoughts when we developed the Piero Salvani AM1-series in association with industrial style.

Mainly, there are some key elements that contributes to the industrial feeling. First of all, the used materials are a key factor. The materials should contribute to a rustic warehouse feeling. Hence, the raw materials included in the watch are important to give an unfinished touch. 

It is really important that the materials used is not just pasted into a frame. If a rustic object has a function and is at the same time used for the sake of visibility, it will contribute to a greater industrial feeling. Hence, one needs to be aware of how the industrial theme is emphasized.

The Piero Salvani AM1-series includes materials that gives you intuition of the industrial feeling, such as gears in the open heart and objects with matte metal finishes as stainless steel cases and straps.

The second thing that contributes to an industrial feeling is the colours used. For instance, colours that inherit grey, neutrals and rustic. The Piero Salvani AM1-series is delivered in rustic matte colours that contributes to the industrial feeling.

The AM1-series in association with industrial style

To develop the AM1-series, we took inspiration from its definition and folks interpretation of the industrial style. The AM1-series is the first release of industrial style watches from Piero Salvani. The AM stands for Automatic Movement and the digit symbolizes the release order of the collection.

Now, you may ask yourself where you find the industrial style in this beauty?

Many of the details associated with the definition of industrial style are located inside the watch. Here comes the thing! For the Piero Salvani AM1-series the interior is equivalent with its exterior. If you do not get that sentence, you will probably understand it later in this context.

The interior of the watch consists of an automatic mechanical movement. This mechanical system contains subcomponents such as gears, a spring, a pendulum and a rotor. These type of elements fits right into the industrial style. Since they already have a function inside the watch the only thing missing is their visibility.  Starting with the backside of the case a glass is added to remove the barrier normally hiding the beautiful industrial materials. Through the glass you will find the visible semicircular rotor that has a function to wind the mainspring in the watch mounted on a pivot and oscillates as you are moving your arm.

The semicircular rotor

On the frontside of the watch you will find an open heart in the lower left part of the dial, which means that a circular part of the dial has been removed for the purpose of visibility and to get a coherent interior and exterior. 

Due to this, you are able to see the powered rotation in the gears by the energy stored in the main spring. The main spring stores the energy for up to fourty-two hours. However, we are convinced that you will not leave the watch for fourty-two hours since it is made for your everyday use and loves the way you live and moves. If for some reason it is not used, you will be able to make it move again. The only thing you need to do is to put it on your arm and wind it up using the crown found on the right part of the case or make it start by moving your arm.

The open heart

Thus, you are able to look inside the watch from both sides which givs you a great taste of the industrial elements and makes the exterior and interior equivalent to each other. 

Hold the watch in your hand and look at the backside once you move it around. The pendulum oscillates in accordance with the movement of your body.

Now, turn it around and put it on your wrist. The energy you just transferred from your body to the semicircular pendulum, powers the remaining system as you can see through its open heart.

Since both sides of the watch are transparent it enables you to follow the chain of energy transmission – from the energy producer (the pendulum) to the consumer (the clock hands).

The transparency in the watch contributes to a feeling of industrial style but that is just a part of the industrial feeling. Playing with colours is also doing so. Additionally, rustic matte colours have the ability to give you a raw feeling but still a smooth and an elegant touch. The matte colours in the Piero Salvani AM1-series strikes around the case and coincides with the metal link. The colour in the dial does the same to get a harmonic contrast. All colours used are rustic and a delight for the eye.

All the colours used in the AM1-series are matte and comes in four different options, Indium Grey, Onyx Black, Silver and Sacramento Green. 

The AM1-series comes in four different matte colours. Feel free to choose your favourite!

Technical design description of the watch

The core functionality of the Piero Salvani AM1-series is a Miyota 82S7 automatic movement with a size of 11 1/2’’’ and a height of 5.67 mm. The total case size is 42 mm. The dial consists of one main – and two subdials. The main dial consists of an hour hand and a minute hand.

In connection with the open heart, in the lower part of the watch, the two subdials are located. The left subdial includes a twenty-four hour hand. The right subdial includes a second hand.

The movement is automatic and handwinded in combination. If you turn the crown clockwise, in pressed mode (normal position), you will wind the main spring and thus enable the power distribution in the mechanics.  Additionally, when you move your arm you will also initialize the power distribution. The automatic movement oscillates with a vibration frequency of 21600 per hour. The AM1-series is also water resistant up to 5 ATM.

The front glass is made of sapphire glass and the backside glass is made of mineral glass. The sapphire glass is used to protect the front from external damage.

As mentioned before, the AM1-series is designed in four different matte colours. The colours on all steel materials are electroplated to give you the very highest quality. 

The straps are in the same colours as the cases. To give you some degree of freedom to choose your favorite strap we have developed two additional straps. The original watch is delivered with a 316L stainless steel strap. The additional straps are Mesh in stainlees steel and suede in genuine leather.

Stainless steel 316L
Suede in genuine leather

The Piero Salvani AM1-series arrives in elegant boxes that gives you the opportunity to store your watch in a beautiful way, not only to place in the drawer. Your Piero Salvani deserves care and attention and the combined watch and box is a delight to the eye.

An elegant box to store your Piero Salvani in


Product roadmap

The development process of the Piero Salvani AM1-series required a lot of effort. It was created in purpose of realizing a picture from the root in our minds. You will find the product roadmap below. 

Product roadmap