$61 raised out of $60,000
Start date
Dec 25, 2020
Close date
Feb 23, 2021

Nomadic Coffee House that travels through the United States and Canada with social media coverage (youtube, instagram, etc).


The Idea

                  We always had thoughts about opening a coffee house. But like always, it was not “the right time and place”. But now in our early 30s we decided to go “breaking bad”.

                  We would like to present The Pink Rabbit Coffee – a nomadic Coffee House, that will travel around the United States and Canada, treating people with coffee and a lot of fun.

                  The Pink Rabbit Coffee branded vehicle will join us in a first 3 month road trip from Wisconsin to Alaska this spring. The path will include all famous places, cities and towns on our way, but we will also try to go “wild” as far as we can.

                  During all journeys we are planning to make a lot of photos and video footages, to make remarkable and inspiring memories for our followers. Regular posts will be made on social media (youtube, instagram, etc). We already made 2 long motorhome Journeys through the United States and a lot of trips around Wisconsin. You can check photos and videos here.

A little of inspiration

    Just imagine:

  •  The Pink Rabbit Coffee branded van is entering a small park in the city, with hundreds of people waiting to get some fun, photos and of course 100 cups of free coffee from the Pink Rabbit for firstcommers.

  • The nomadic Coffee House is waking up a whole campground wild deep in Alaska with some fresh morning coffee.

  • A traffic jam on a busy bike trail crossroads, while bikers are resting and enjoying handcrafted drinks from The Pink Rabbit mobile Coffee House.


                The Pink Rabbit Coffee is our Big Dream, that requires a lot of affords and funding to make it come try. As we can see right now we will need around 60.000$ to put The Pink Rabbit nomadic Coffee House on wheels:

  1. A reliable vehicle that will becomemobile Coffee House (15.000$)
  2. Equipment and adjustments to the vehicle (20.000$).
  3. Branding, advertising and graphic materials (8.000$).
  4. Website and mobile application (2.000$)
  5. Supplies and logistic (10.000$)
  6. Miscellaneous (5.000$)