$1 raised out of $200,000

A high speed, fun-filled game with all shufflin’ and no bluffin’.


Poker Chase is a fast-paced family friendly game that can be played with 2-6 players. Using the hands of poker, players will work through a deck of cards with the hope of landing high value poker hands. Each poker hand has a monetary prize that will allow you to buy rewards that can be used to increase your chances of laying out better poker hands during play. The first person to progress through the checklist of hands wins!!


The first idea of Poker Chase began one evening at a family holiday game night by Jeremie Akins in the mid 1990’s. His passion for playing board games was shared with his wife and, over time, the two have tweaked the game to the point where they desire to share it with the world.  Several game nights later and a whole lot of fun, families and friends have had the privilege of playing the game while it was being developed. Now ready for production, we are excited to begin our Kickstarter journey. 

Each Poker Chase board game will come with 6 decks of cards, a game board, 6 poker chips as board game pieces, and instructions. 


Along with being board game enthusiasts, we also have a desire to use local developers and manufactures for production of our app and board game. Now, more than ever, it is important to invest in local businesses and foster community.  

It is our desire to raise enough funds for development of the app version of Poker Chase and begin manufacturing the board game for retail sales. Specifically:


After reviewing several app building companies and quotes, we have chosen a local company that can complete the build from start to finish and maintain the project after development. They are fully qualified to keep the app updated, make improvements when requested, and watch for market trends that can improve the over-all development of the game. 40% of our budget would be allocated to this version of Poker Chase. 

App development can be a long process. We have a timeline of development of 6-9 months which includes market testing.


Game development is complete and tested with prototypes and is ready for production. Areas of testing completed were in aesthetics, durability, user-friendly interface, demographics, and over-all visual appeal. 

All components have been worked and reworked through a local manufacturer so that production costs are never more than 25% of our expected retail price. This will also allow for better communication and product inspection before the product is released to customers. 

All visual files are original design or purchased for production level sales. 

40% of our budget would be allocated to this version of Poker Chase. Board game production has a timeline of 3-6 months which will also include time for inspection of product. 

We will reserve the final 20% of our budget for our rewards and unknown or unexpected expenses, which there always are!