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Imagine an energy storage system that uses the power of water. No Lithium.


Energy storage remains the missing link, the roadblock in enabling intermittent clean energy sources – that’s wind, solar and wave – to power the world.

Energy people know this. However, our only solutions to the problem of energy storage are:

  •  Lithium based batteries: expensive and not a solution at grid scale
  • Pumped hydro: it only works where we have big dams of water
  • Compressed air storage, flywheels and other small scale energy storage sevices.

What if there was a clean, highly scalable solution to energy storage. One that was able to locate across the world, rolled out as a kit approach, providing the added benefit of employment for its build and operate. That’s where Pontem Storage(tm) comes in. It’s a water based energy storage system. We patented it. It can be located in the world’s coastlines, lakes and reservoirs.

Let’s see how Pontem Storage works….