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For anyone who’s yearned to learn an instrument, Poputar can make it happen in minutes.






The Problems of Learning an Instrument

It has never been such a delightful moment while playing a musical instrument.

You may start with excitement, but give it up soon. It costs a lot of money on courses, but also takes ages to learn & practise.


New Way to Learn Music




The good news is we’ve reinvented guitar with easy, fun and interactive playing experience, which bring virtual music game into reality.


Stay Safe at Home with Poputar


Extremely Fun Learning Experience

Learning to play has never been easier.

Just follow the lights on the fingerboard to find the position of left hand, which sync with those in the PopuMusic App which tells when right hand plunking strings.

It’s a new approach that’s completely intuitive – and fun!


Become a Guitar Master in 10 Days !

The immersive learning experience is our key to make guitar popular again.

Playing guitar is cool but the practise takes ages.

PopuMusic, the Poputar App, transformed the learning experience with gamified lessons.


Unprecedented Ease To Learn

Poputar is a brand new guitar experience, smooth guitar learning & practise journey from every beat you make with unprecedented ease.

With the learning by playing settings, you will jam with friends or perform on stage very soon.




If you don’t know where to start, easy to get lost or it takes too long and difficult to make progress, Poputar offers one-stop learning and playing guitar solutions. 

By visualizing the invisible note and beat, the hands-on experience turns boring practise progress into a fun and interactive journey.

Listen And Correct You in Real Time

Choose a song and start to play one note after another at your own pace.


The illuminated fingerboard guides you through every step you’ve made.


The real time guide & feedback loop boosts your personal practise up to the next level. 


The PopuMusic App installed in your phone or tablet sends out the signals in 0.02s, delivering almost no delay experience.


The add-on interactive E-learning courses will walk you through all the fundamentals and troubleshooting anytime you get stuck.




Poputar awakens your inner musician and helps you visualize the invisible through the unique light guidance, smart sound recognition, and interactive gamification App.

Innovations like transformed bluetooth guitar, fingerboard lighting system accelerate the cycle from a beginner to an expert.

Amazingly Bright LEDs

The illuminating LED guitar ever made, Poputar shines with light.

It doesn’t matter which level you are, Poputar makes your practise and learning process smooth and enjoyable.

Have a peaceful mind and stay focused practising all the time.


Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 BLE communication, Poputar instantly and wirelessly receives the rhythm signals from your smart devices and displays the fingering on board with LED lights. 

The 96-smart LED lights on the fingering board guide you note by note where you can put your fingers on board in real time.


Lightweight, Portable Design

You can learn and practise anytime, anywhere.

The 36 inches design is a perfect match with our human body size.

Take Poputar with you, and enjoy its long battery life of up to 10 hours in fully illuminated status.

Have a jam session with friends.


A Dynamic Interactive Software 

The PopuMusic App is not only an essential element of Poputar solution, but also a perfect partner with the Poputar guitar.

The PopuMusic App displays the fingering on phones or tablets, but also tells where to show the lights on fingerboard of bluetooth guitar, and picks up the sound you played, juages correct or wrong.




PopuMusic App brings to us an interactive guitar experience to learn and play.

The gamified lessons guide you through a beginner to an expert, from easy to difficult, step by step.

Instead of suffering from boring and tedious practise, Popumusic App is integrated fun game elements, lets your guitar skills level up in an entertaining way.


Get Started With A Single Chord Practise

Visualize the invisible notes dancing on the screen. 

Neither need to know the sheet music, nor load the burden to remember everything.

Don’t worry, you know where you are, and what’s coming next with PopuMusic’s smart readings displayed on the screen.


Learn the Complex Chords with Ease

It looks like playing a song is so difficult, but once you master a few chords, feel free to learn to play a song.

The secret behind is that you can combine the chords you’ve learned as the way you want, and even create a new song. 

PopuMusic make it easier by helping you make progress with chords learning step by step.



The journey starts by choosing a song from the PopuMusic song library.

PopuMusic’s weekly updated song library, imagine you can keep playing from one of your favorite songs to another.

Sitback, relax and start playing as the lead singer on stage!


Play Along with the Game

You’re playing a song at same time.

Gamified guitar lessons in strumming, plucking, chord switching, and more!

When you play a note, the guitar sends a signal back to the PopuMusic App.

Instantly evaluating whether or not you’ve played correctly.



Learn at Your Own Pace

Make yourself comfortable and confident by adjusting the chord or the songs playing speed.


Level Up with Sheet Music 

After you are confident about the notes, rhythm and its fingering, we can definitely move to the next step – the sheet music. As you can see we’ve made the long way pavement before  you can naturally enter this step.


Record and Share with Friends

Track your personal guitar learning journey and see how you make progress step by step! 


Interactive Video Tutorials

You may forget what we learned in the class, but Poputar has specially designed a series of learning tutorials for your reference to check and review anywhere anytime.


Smart Tuning

Different from the tuning devices, Poputar has integrated the tuning process into our smart PopuMusic App.

Tap into the tuning tool, and follow the interactive guidance.


Chords and Fingering Dictionary

PopuMusic App has a strong chords dictionary, which including most chords inversions and scales, and all of these can be shown with LED indication.

This is a powerful tool, even for a Pro guitar player.


Light Up Mode and Dazzling Mode

When you are composing a new song, you can turn on the light up mode, it’ll help you visualize the chords that you’re writing.

Complex chords and ingenious patterns can all light up at once based on your will.

In dazzling mode, Poputar can create cool frequency-playing performances according to a certain rhythm. LEDs change in strength and shape, like the stars that follow your emotion at night, and continue to blink.


Populele & Poputar Switch in One App

You can also switch instruments between Poputar and Populele smart ukulele, learn and play more than two music instruments with one App.




Illuminated Fretboard 

The advanced ABS material of the guitar, play and see the LED lights in action. 


Immersive Sound Quality

Poputar is a strong unipolar vibration guitar, with a full, lively sound, compared with the traditional 36 inches guitars.

The gradient soundboard technology, through high-precision programs controlled by CNC and laser machines enhance the responsiveness and enriche the sound.


The Egormatic Design with for the Average Hand  

Poputar better fits the average human hand.

On Poputar fingerboard, a 420R trace arc is designed on the surface of the smart fretboard, which is designed according to ergonomic factors and is more suitable for holding the guitar (for fingers).


Feeling so Good Fringe

Frets are independently cast and formed, with a 360-degree arc fillet, no edges feelings, and it is more suitable for playing.




We take responsibility for the environmental footprint of our products throughout their life cycle. 

Poputar Kepma Co-brand Edition is designed with the following features to reduce its environmental impact:

Made with better materials

100% recycled copper and stainless steel in the strings and tuner

100% recycled artificial wood in the body of guitar

50% or more recycled ABS plastic in multiple components


Energy efficient

Recycled AA dry batteries take place of lithium battery, no charging time, more portable and convenient

Advanced Bluetooth chips, 5.0 BLE, higher transmission efficiency, less power consumption

Kepma has one of the most technologically advanced factories and very scientific production process


Smarter chemistry

Heavy Metal-free smart fretboard

Mercury-free LED

BFR-, PVC-, and Beryllium-free


Responsible packaging

100% of virgin wood fiber comes from responsibly managed forests

Recyclable, majority-fiber packaging


Green manufacturing with artificial wood instead of endangered Wood




Teachers Love Poputar


For education and training institutions

  • Is Poputar provide any convenience or benefit to the teacher?
  1.  First of all, Poputar let beginners quick and easy to get started. It is a promotion for you to guide students. It is a powerful teaching tool, you can achieve one-to-many, high-efficiency classrooms. Teachers only need to guide the key details. Let students more easily approach advanced courses;
  2.  Distributors and agents can get more traffic and potential opportunities to show our products, gain more new students. Beginners are very cautious about the first investment in music. After all, they have not fully understood the fun of music before they have achieved success. But once students can get started at low cost and high efficiently, they will be more willing to invest in the middle and senior courses, which will become a kind of active interest consumption, and their friends will also be actively recommended;
  3. Many teachers have piano training business. And we are also developing the smart piano, the principle will be similar to guitar and ukulele. We will also introduce this to you later.


Master Players Love Poputar



Pick-up Your First Song with Poputar

For advanced learners or Guitar players, the pick-up is a great companion for your show in a band or solo. The Poputar pick-up amplifies your passion inside and share it with your beloved audience.


Show Case



We are in partnership with Kepma, the world leading guitar manufacturer.

Every Poputar guitar solid spruce top is completely evaluated and graded for frequency response, tap-tuned and tapered to produce the perfect sounding solid top.

Perfect. Every time.


Inside a constant temperature and humidity production workshop, Poputar’s top spruce panels, mahogany back side panels are through strict selection of materials.


The premium guitar would also take their production to a new, unrivaled level.

In addition to adding more custom computer-controlled machines, the new guitar would be produced using more precision automation and robotics than ever before – including in-house manufactured custom machinery built specifically for new methods of production, instead of manually assembling.

All of these ensure us to get perfect sound quality.


At Poputar, there’s no distinction between art and science — they’re one in the same.

The approach to design and build guitars for the world stage is unprecedented…

We blend science and technology in such an artful way to produce guitars that in the hands of a player evoke the feeling and emotion intended by the artist. 


A guitar isn’t just a tool, it’s an extension of your soul. Put Poputar in your hands and you’ll instantly know — it’s perfect. Every time.




Bluetooth Signals to Light Signals

When you are playing a song, PopuMusic App simultaneously display the fingering of next note, and send the note code to Poputar LEDs on fingerboard via Bluetooth. You will tap where it lights up and then play the note!


The Pass-through-performing

While you playing the notes, the sound is picked up by the smartphone’s or tablet’s microphone, and processed by the sound card inside.

The smart PopuMusic App’s noise reduction recognition algorithm will recognize the frequency to give feedback, accurately display “Pefect, Good, Late, Early” on the App even under the background music interference.

Lights display and sound recognition, input and output, happening at the same time, no delay, everything is clear at a glance!




As a beginner guitar, Poputar also shows great performance in sound, portablility and quality.










We believe playing an instrument is not the privilege of a minority.

PopuMusic is the naughty disrupter in the instrument learning field.

We pushed the instrument learning experience to the limits through a perfect combination with both cutting-edge technology and classical instrument.

With gamification user experience, we are dedicated to making learning instrument fun and easy!




We’ve made brilliant progress with Poputar, but we’re not finished yet! Please support PopuMusic team of mechanical engineers, audio programmers, industrial designers, and musicians as we all  put the finishing touches on a project that’s years in the making. There are unmissable deals for early birds!








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