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Cold weather wear that screams out a redefinition, an overthrowing of competition.
Armoured shells/Quality layering/Plush casual wear


 PowderKnights is currently working towards personally manufacturing the best outerwear available on the market. Supplying the industry with first rate sportswear specialized for skiers and snowboarders. As it stands, we have not seen any major release of rider specific apparel to appease the industry’s demand. There is no apparel marketing wearable safety or promoting any injury preventable products for outdoor enthusiasts. The PK apparel line is here to change that with our armour infused apparel and high quality layering system, redefining cold weather wares all together. PowderKnights founders are also regular riders. We understand the value versus cost when it comes to bundling up against the elements and we also understand the risks taken every time we’re out for a day of simple pleasures. We’ve already designed the most breathable, free forming, protective, comfortable and stylish riding equipment one can possibly fathom for the application. We thought out RFID pockets. Low lying outer pockets for scannable lift tickets. Thermal lined phone/electronic pockets to keep battery charge optimal. We’ve considered the best material combinations for warm days, cold days and sweaty days battling compounding conditions. We’ve drawn up the perfect thermal sock to keep riders comfy and mobile all day long. The best adaptable triple layered system to relieve freedom of movement in the most demanding conditions. The best two layer mitt/glove to keep proper blood circulation while messing around on your touch phone in the coldest temperatures. Even breathable Gore-Tex lined pull overs that still look like your favourite cotton hoodie. Moreover, how important it is to stay safe adventuring, and how easily, minor injuries could be avoided with a little bit of engineering savvy within our daily wares. We’re working out the best lightweight, impact absorbing material that allows freedom of movement to be worked in to our garments. Be the athlete who is competing at an Olympic level, or a child learning to lay down their first lines, the PK apparel system will be the most ideal available for any aggressive outdoor utilization. While many other clothing companies are thriving on the nature exploration market, PK outerwear plans to be the first and most iconic sportswear specifically aimed at skiers/snowboarders. Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We plan to create a whole new level of cold weather wear by rooting the utmost quality in our designs, incorporating safety along with it and sparing no expense manufacturing highly controlled products right here in Canada. Keeping prices for the public resonable, by rapidly expanding customer base and consistently re investing in our developments. Please take some time to discover what we’ve been focusing our time towards creating.

 Outer Shells/Armoured Sportwear: 

Our flagship product and main focus. We’re here to keep you safe while making the most of your days adventuring as we do. PowderKnights has done some extensive research on the best of lightweight, impact absorbing materials that exist to date. Our ultra high end outer shells will not only keep you perfectly dry and completely kill wind in any given temperature, but will also protect you from slips, falls, bails and slams. We understand, as our own personal adventuring is majorly focused on winter fun. However, there are risks taken daily. Riding through trees, honing skills in a terrain park, teaching or learning on icy surfaces, enjoying opportunity around rocky exposures, even a jaunt to the car can be unexpectedly detrimental to our bodies. Those risks and the necessity of minimizing daily dangers is entirely why we created PowderKnights. Directed towards the ski industry yet applicable to anyone who desires a heightened sense of safety outdoors; Our outer shells and soon to come base layer armour, can be broadened in to any use fathomable. At the end run of this campaign, we will be directing our focal point on fabricating our ridiculously valuable outer shells. Using a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex or better material, a plan towards the use of SHOCKtec (not yet finalized) impact absorbtion gel around sensitive impact areas, and a skeletal frame along the spine of our jackets. Our top and bottom outer shells will be  available to all contributors by November 2021 to see out the best in what this company has to offer the world.

 Advanced mid layer pant & jacket: 

Potentially the most important portion of our layering system. As much as we wish to clothe everyone for cold weather in our properly addressed layering system as soon as possible; we’re going to take some dear time refining this until we’ve constructed the most ideal mid layer available. Down (bird feathers) has its many drawbacks and is unrealistic from a sustainable standpoint. Synthetic down has a very long way to go in its cheap and readily available current contrive. This is a specifically why PowderKnights will be continuing research and development on the finest synthetic down to fabricate in our mid layers. We know that a mid layers job is to be moisture wicking and breathable. A mid layer has to dampen outside temperatures on one side and retain a certain temperature on the other. Sensibly, a mid layer has to be light, packable, providing proper mobility when worn. Holding a set prototype deadline extending out to July 2021, we will carry on developing and constructing the best mid layer material available. Completing an accomplished line of midlayers, ready for November 2021. Contributors will see the first available in our catalogue of cold weather technology both fashionably and functionally.

Thermal base layer: 

Plush skin contact. As desirable as your favourite gonch. Look great, feel great, show greatness. Be your absolute best in our thermal base layers, conquering the day at hand. A highly experimental combination of polyester, cotton, rayon and spandex. Frankly, we believe those widely renowned Lulu’s and jeggings are terribly subpar considering our design. Sexy and simple as it is in complex construction. Designed specifically to feel fantastic against the skin and circulate body temperature throughout. It’s like the best full body underwear you never knew existed. Probably because it doesn’t, yet. While we continue to develop the undefined best in outer shells and mid layer warmth, we think we have base layers set for success. On a scientific level at that. Use our pants and tops however you see fit, just rightfully know that they’re going to keep you warm, cozy and comfortable. That’s what they’re designed to do. PowderKnights is driven on the most blissful cold weather experience, so we are committing to having our beautiful base layer tops & bottoms released in its full effect along with our flagship protective layers in November 2021.

 Cushy casual clothing: 

Of course, we all need some hard earned lounge time after seizing the day. Sport your support keeping comfortable as imaginable. Tri blend shirts, velvety soft sweats and micro fleece sweaters to coddle your curves in such a caressing love, you’ll never want to wear anything else. Keeping coordination with our top end outerwear, we couldn’t possibly skimp on our casual wear. Expect the very same cuddle and comfort your favourite blanket gives. Our casual wear displays a taste for divine comfort and a drive for excellence in adventure. Snag a couple pieces of our plush hang around clothes, you won’t regret it.


A sincere amalgamation between our outer layer technology and mid layer climate control. Couple that with our base layer comfort incorporating touch capability, well. You’ve got yourself some award winning hand protection, true to the feel. A seemingly plain though intricate two layer system with a skeletal top frame aiding in the prevention of wrist injuries. Favouring dexterity in a light, sleek thermal glove and a weather zoning bubble of protection on top. Principally sold as two separate pairs, cooperatively designed to work with one another. These pairs will see out a whole new light of human capabilities adapting to outdoor weather fronts. We must admit, PowderKnights has a fair sum to focus on fulfilling the release of our apparel collection come November. But, we are fully confident that these substantial accessories will be tested, ready and deliverable at the same time as our sock release in the spring of 2022 or earlier. Only available with select reward packs as we will only manufacture so many specifically for the run of this project before releasing these products publicly.


Yep, you read that right. We are all aware of the cool patterned ski/snowboard sock, the thick Tmax thermal sock, the bulky battery powered heated sock. Neat, but no. Most are typically either inconvenient, bulky, uncomfortable or underdeveloped. PowderKnights intention on this front consists of the perfect combination in all of our layering devise. No, they won’t be cheap, but we’re also not making a mint off of feet. A highly engineered, weather protective pair of socks slipping in to your favourite pair of boots is what we’re after. Heading out for the hills riding? The PK sock is there. Out fishing and want to keep some dry feet? The PK sock is there. Brisk day bike riding? The PK sock is there. Ice climbing, snow shoeing, hiking, hockey skates or snowmobiling? The PK sock is there. We’re not messing around with this one. THE perfect, thin, thermal, breathable, machine washable pair of socks that is oh so comfortable on the most important things keeping you standing, is currently under development. Sized similarly to shoes, our sabatons will be a flagship product equivalent to our armoured outerwear. Socks have been around for over a thousand years and they sadly haven’t had too much technological advancement. We’re here to provide that modernization. After all, we devoted a specialization in winter wear. The PowderKnights team will endeavour a long journey finalizing this product for all to experience the excellence of our best performing foot protection. Ridiculously functional and fashionable, the PK sock will be one of the most highly engineered products in our line of apparel, anticipating a completed product release in spring 2022 or earlier. Only available with select reward packs as we will only manufacture so many specifically for the run of this project before releasing these products publicly.

 Tailored to near perfection: 

Following the completion of this campaign, a PowderKnights team member will promptly be in contact with you via e-mail, to obtain order information on a preffered cut and size in accordance with all our products available for pledges. It is dearly important to us that we deliver the finest fit when supplying our protective equipment and weather eliminating wear. We’re focused on designing our garments around specific body builds available to everyone, initially packaged in four convenient sizes. We’d love to welcome you in using our tri stage sizing matrix for tops and bottoms,  to properly equip you in materials that accomodate your beautiful shapes.

How to’s when measuring for our apparel:

Sleeve – Measured with the arm straight, between the wrist pivot point and the top of the shoulders pivot point.

Chest – Measured tightly around the body at the upper part of the rib cage, precisely at the largest portion of the pecks/breasts.

Waist – Measured around the body just above the belly button in a relaxed position.

Hip – Measured around the body at the top of the hip bone, more specifically where the top of one’s pants typically ride. 

Seat – Measured standing, at the largest portion of one’s rear end, wrapped snugly around the groin area.

Inseam – Measured from the bottom of the foot along the inside of the leg to the most lower portion of the groin.

Sizing Matrix:


*Sleeve (S: < 51cm – 56cm) (M: 57cm – 62cm) (L: 63cm – 68cm) (XL: 69cm+)

*Chest (S: < 85cm – 95cm) (M: 96cm – 105cm) (L: 106cm – 115cm) (XL: 116cm+)

*Waist (S: < 76cm – 86cm) (M: 87cm – 96cm) (L: 97cm – 106cm) (XL: 107cm+)


*Sleeve (S: < 44cm – 54cm) (M: 55cm – 61cm) (L: 61cm – 67cm) (XL: 68cm+)

*Chest (S: < 75cm – 85cm) (M: 86cm – 96cm) (L: 97cm – 107cm) (XL: 108cm+)

*Waist (S: < 62cm – 72cm) (M: 73cm – 85cm) (L: 86cm – 98cm) (XL: 99cm+)


*Hip (S: < 75cm – 84cm) (M: 85cm – 94cm) (L: 95cm – 104cm) (XL: 105cm+)

*Seat (S: < 89cm – 97cm) (M: 98cm – 106cm) (L: 107cm – 115cm) (XL: 116cm+)

*Inseam (S: < 72cm – 76cm) (M: 77cm – 82cm) (L: 83cm – 88cm) (XL: 89cm+)


*Hip (S: < 72cm – 80cm) (M: 81cm – 90cm) (L: 91cm – 100cm) (XL: 101cm+)

*Seat (S: < 90cm – 100cm) (M: 101cm – 112cm) (L: 113cm – 124cm) (XL: 125cm+)

*Inseam (S: < 68cm – 74cm) (M: 75cm – 81cm) (L: 82cm – 88cm) (XL: 89cm+)

When you’re contacted about your product, based on these measurements above, average between the three for tops and bottoms then decipher what size suits your body type accordingly. If you fall in to more than two different sizes, we’d recommend considering where you’d prefer extra room and go a size up from the smallest category size you measured in to.

 Furthering research and development: 

Scientific research and materials testing is a feat that will not be taken lightly by PowderKnights. After all, we are developing safety equipment. We will be publicly displaying our product tests to gain and retain confidence in all our available wares; Pitting ourselves directly against other top brands and their most expensive apparel products enables us to remain genuinely transparent with our consumers.  We will forego product testing in both controlled environments (weather simulators, time depreciation chambers, impact & stress modelling) and uncontrolled environments outdoors (climate resistance, flexibility, personal reviewing.) Expect videos and other media on our testing practices to start popping up on our website immediately following the completion of this projects campaign.

 A layering system like no other: 

Let us begin by saying that we’re not out here to completely re invent the wheel. Alternatively, PK apparel is refining the use of high end materials, systematically organized to maximize performance and efficiency. Fabric technology has come a very long way in the last few decades and many of these materials are designed with a sole purpose in mind. So it goes without saying, a breathable membrane is not going to work very well as a waterproof material and a completely waterproof material doesn’t work as a breathable membrane.

Therein lies the issue that, one cannot simply produce a single, be all, do all garment. Some companies boast a pore like textile allowing vapours to escape from one side and large water molecules prevented from entering the other. Great in theory, but not practical in carrying out its intended uses. Moisture buildup on either side of the garment prevents vapours from escaping, nullifying the breathability aspect. Pore deformation from consistent product use destroys durability. Constant washing of the material allows culture buildup at a microscopic level within the pores, deeply compromising waterproofing abilities.

After extensive researching and reviewing of the materials available to us, we decided that our products would remain simplistic in material essence yet intricate within their designs. We opted for the ideal triple layer system, using the articles form and fall on the body to our advantage. We are using a true one hundred percent waterproof outer shell, keeping weather on the outside, reflecting body heat back on the inside, utilizing form fitment of impact absorbing armour placement, to help extract and expel the body’s vapours under high demand. This grants our outer layers with extremely high durability, leaving them machine washable, stain resistant and easy to keep clean for the multitude of years our shells will undeniably last. Our mid layers are stuffed with the best breathable down made to retain heat, wrapped in a soft permeable membrane allowing body moisture to be pushed out when worn and properly flushed clean when washed. Our base layers are made with a blend of materials, moisture wicking to keep the individual feeling dry not sticky, breathable to regulate body temperature, velvety soft and stretchy for comfort anywhere in any position. The PK apparel three layer system flaunts huge advancements over any other layering system available today.

 Personal Protective Equipment:

Our innovative apparel being the entire basis of this project will undoubtedly propel the industry forward. As it stands, skiing and snowboarding is still considered an extreme sport. The fact that there are hundreds of family friendly resorts open across Canada alone tells us different. Home to some of the most diverse terrain parks, these resorts scream out a welcoming for all generations and skill levels. They also drive inspiration for progression. The PowderKnights line of protective attire is here to abide by the public demand for comfortable and stylish safety equipment, readily available for all riders at any skill level. Herein establishing the most ideal setting for anyone with a desire to get out and learn while having fun doing so. Our armoured ski/snowboard gear will forever exist at the top of every enthusiasts wish list. Spanning amongst all who encourage the freedom in sport and well being outdoors.

A sign of the times: 

Covid-19 continues to bear down on all of us at a global scale. However,  the reciprocating effect that follows this projects development poses many benefits for the community, and the ski industry’s grand outlook as a whole.

As it stands the pandemic has left many, if not all seeking outdoor freedom. Limitations in congested areas is driving a natural desire to head outside and embrace the elements around us. This had become apparent with the ski industries massive spike in season pass sales this year, and understandibly, many more are searching for a newfound passion outside their homes. To us, this ultimately translates in to a great outlet for the masses in mental health, family friendly accessibility and a larger demand for progression of the sport. This progression of sport is precisely what PowderKnights is here to achieve. The introduction of wearable safety equipment for skiers, snowboarders and all other outdoor adventurers provides a hightened sense of confidence in advancing and honing personal skill sets. We wish to grow the spectrum of enthusiasts and encourage the exploration of the populations abilities outdoors in hopes that it echoes through an expansion of advanced rider training and after school programs. Being an accessory to each individuals growth in a stronger mindset through personal struggle and strive at any level of sport, while advocating a deeper, more personal connection with nature, is something we will always pride ourselves on. PowderKnights hopes to inspire all those who have a craving for outdoor adventure to step outside the suburbs and do so with confidence. Those who desire to find comfort, warmth and safety, experiencing the excitement of nature, will find the PK apparel line is here to provide. We will continue our developments over this winter season and redirect focus on to production over the summer months to see out a fulfilled initial product release for the 21/22 winter season.

Neat idea, why choose kickstarter? 

Kickstarter actually provides us with a really great platform to aid in understanding exactly what kind of demand currently exists for our products. Also considering our clothing is widely applicable to a multitude of uses, kickstarter lends a helping hand by exposing our idea to international markets. Ultimately, we decided that kickstarter would be a great tool for boosting us in to a steady stage of production. In light of our great ideas, we understand that manufacturing piece by piece while keeping consumer prices low is simply unfeasible. Rather, cheap retail pricing while prioritizing quality in manufacturing is achieved through material buying power. Purchasing those high end materials (Gore-Tex, tri-blend fabric, merino wool, synthetic down, etc.) is much less expensive and much more accessible when purchased in massive quantities. Essentially speaking, the more we are able to sell before going in to large scale production, the further we can stretch each dollar invested and the more we can give back to our pledges. Power to the people!

Where is my money going? 

The short answer: Directly towards product manufacturing and fulfilling orders.

The long answer: As previously depicted in our statement regarding why we chose the kickstarter platform, the manufacturing of ridiculously high end cold weather wear is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Every penny of the 85% will go towards purchasing the best materials available and a finely tuned manufacturing process, returning a fully functional piece of apparel to our contributors. 13% of our financial goal shall be devoted to the research, development, materials testing and final product testing to rightfully confirm a top quality end product. 2% Will go towards consultation and structuring fees to ensure that PowderKnights is continuously carrying out our practises in an honest, sustainable and legal fashion, abiding by all regulations in order to stay a top company in safety and quality. Ultimately, the real perk to pledging towards PowderKnights on kickstarter is that we are pretty well providing our products for cost + shipping in order to widely expand our name and ideas. If PowderKnights manages to overshoot the fiscal goals for our R&D and consultation fees, our pledge to you is re investing any un needed dollars from these departments, back in to materials and manufacturing. Providing our supporters with a broadened variety of colour options, features, completed design variants and extra products for our pledgers!

Will your products have warranty coverage?

Of course! Yes, we have full confidence in our products and we believe you should have confidence in your pledge as well. That’s why we’re offering a limited three year warranty on all our outer shells / armour against protective padding deformation, extreme colour fade, seam failures, material degredation and waterproofing by our set standards. Our mid layers and base layers will hold a one year limited warranty against failures of their regular intended usage. 

Product that is damaged through misuse, abuse or negligence may not be covered under our warranty coverage but may be repaired or replaced under our discretion after article examination. 

What else is PowderKnights doing?

 PowderKnights is currently running across all major social media platforms. We post several times weekly to keep society interest and steadily interacting. The near end of 2020 being our initial public launch, we are presently focused on gathering a solid following over this winter season. We plan to carry through a continuous flow of reliable news and media for all snow goers here forth. Highliting other Canadian companies, events and programs, this media is aimed towards the ski/snowboard industry, though the company direction is applicable to any outdoorsy folk. This keeps consistent communication between our company and all those simply interested in outdoor adventure; perpetually extending an invite to try out the sport of skiing or snowboarding. We have a solid development of great contemporary reads available, ongoing with current affairs. With a grand plan of extending our media out with video, always free to the public, we have confidence in forever drawing supporters to our cause.

 For the time being we will stay focused on making the best apparel available to all riders across the globe. Although, we do have a future dream of creating a standardized league for ski & snowboard competition. A league that emanates a demand for ski/snowboard clubs among other enhanced rider programs. Available for each individual in each region whom holds a desire to rise towards the peak of this sport. There exists an enormous drive for such a thing, youth are in need of an outlet for the undirected days bestowed upon us. PowderKnights wishes to be the gateway pointing towards that positive outlet found through sport. Slopestyle and Freeriding will be our main focus based on the freedom of expression within the sport. We want to expose the extensive sum of talent that is spread across the world and idealize the the use of our protective equipment. We hope one day to invest in future athlete programs across the nation, after school programs and all stable curriculums that help this community thrive. We plan to keep this fiscally sustainable through marketing the best protective outerwear available, along side our consistent public engagement on social platforms running regularly, beyond the fulfillment of this current project.

 Supporting the chivalry:

Join us! Follow us on Facebook, send us your thoughts, keep up to date directly on our website. Donating towards the development of PowderKnights will undoubtedly come with its perks. Please take some time to review our rewards categories for details on exactly what we have to offer you! We love what we do and we love the outdoors. Every supporter has the freedom to show their backing in following our growth via any form of social media, also please visit us at PowderKnights.ca

The few folk of the PowderKnights team have invested countless hours and hard earned dollars towards its company growth. With your help, we truly believe we can make all snow adoring enthusiasts dream come to fruition. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at powderknights@gmail.com we’d love to hear from you! Every opinion counts as much as every dollar. Regardless of your personal thoughts or standpoint on this project, we want to thank you for your time and hope you can support this great advancement of outerwear in any way possible!