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Make your own tuned up Power Cars from ready set of parts!. All we need is your support in the beginning! We start 01.12.2020!.


 Our story 🙂

5 years ago, like many fathers we faced against a dilemma – we have buy simply electric car for kids – Chinese call it “ride on toy”, in US call it “power wheels” etc. After a week of riding we start to think, how to improve it, how to make it faster and – we did it. We make our first power cars (we called it – power cars) on steel frame with 1000 Watt motor. A moment later, we found clients, who can pay for fully tuned up cars like this, or only for the parts to build it in own garage. We starts more tests, more projects of real parts and accesories –  projected for younger drivers, and electrically powered… of course the parts can be used with gasoline engines…

Today we only need production machines , – the entire range for steel processing is very expensive for any even small industrial production. 

We want to buy used CNC machines, the new ones cost even 200 000 USD for only one…  of course, if we raise more money, then we will buy newest, faster and more efficient machines.

We raised our $ 28,000. Enough for old 50 years manual machines, but it is impossible to produce parts on them nowadays where automation (CNC) rules… We also have registered the POWER CARS as trademark..

We decided to start a fundraiser on Kickstarter.  

If we raise the money, we will certainly start full production, and our parts, “made in Polish” parts, will be available for people like us, who want to tune the car for their child – and drive like in our video. It’s really simple. Kids learn to drive like this in just a few days, sometimes in one day… 

Our video shows cars after tuning with real 3-year-old rally drivers. Yes, they drive themselves. We only add a remote controll that turns off the power for safety.

We aim at electric vehicles, which we call power cars, but our parts and components can be easily used in the construction of many others vehicles for the youngest racers…We have registered the POWER CARS trademark.

Main markets: 

  •  UE and Europe – Our point in Poland is enough for this market, parcels here are not expensive and each shiping company delivers goods in 2-5 days.
  •  US territory and Canada – for people living in the United States, there will be a dedicated point of sale and services. If we succeed, we will start cooperate with the garage like ours in the US. 

End pricees – We initially plan it, prices will be  $ 300-500 for full package to build own POWER CARS, with guaranteed gngine power for driving as in our video, with engine, batteries, cables, wheels, sprockets, breake, axles etc… there will be several standards, engine power, wheel size, tire size, etc. some for sports cars and some for off-road… we want our prices to be cheap so that everyone can buy it and build own power cars…

 First production for our backers only !

Even if you support us with 25 USD and more you will find yourself on a special list – we plan for you 25% discount or free delivery (if you live at the end of the world, the choice will be yours) with priority in production and shipping. So, first we satisfy our founders/backers, only in the next move we put products to standard market for ordinary customers. 

All you have to do is send us an email after support us on contact(monkey)power-cars.pl – with text: “add me to the queue”!. When the time comes, we will contact you.

500 x 3D lamp for top best backers !

For our top and first 500 backers, who support us $ 50 (and +) we have prepared a gift which will be a 3D lamp with thanks from POWER CARS TEAM…

3D lamp…

PS;  We apologize for not posting dozens of parts photos, but our video shows what we want to offer. We’ve put many time, much work and some money into projects and tests, to keep it simple, to make it cheap for parents and safe for drivers, and we don’t want it to be too easy to “copy”. As you all know, there are some part of people who are just waiting to copy something…