$51 raised out of $70,400

Project Z is a multiplayer survival game. Develop your character, your power, your base and defend it on the journey of your life


This project consists of creating a company and being able to develop its first game.

This company specializes in multiplayer games other than battle royal or FPS and thus offers something new to many video game players.

Project Z (working title) would thus be an evolving multiplayer game where you will have to survive many enemies and players that you can meet.

explore a completely online world with your friends. Explore worlds, face enemies, build your house and protect it from the outside world

Travel the world and collect valuable items that will survive you to build structures for your home and/or protections

More info will be broadcast during the year and on our social networks

While going through your quests, you will find different types of weapons such as…

– bow

– gun

– sword

– and others

once harvested, improve them to increase their efficiency but be careful… because your weapons are not eternal

the world is made up of several islands, each with its own ecosystem (and enemies). Of course, in each island you will be able to find unique materials to craft your weapons.

Each season, its battle pass. Level up, complete challenges and unlock rewards. All rewards earned will be kept even if the season is over. In addition, a pack will be available that will allow you to have the first free battle pass


This game is important for us, it could allow us to develop a friendly game for everyone and which will be accessible to any type of player, whether you are a tryhard, a farmer or other… this game is made for them. Help accomplish our purpose