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Dec 25, 2020
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Feb 23, 2021

Memoirs and recipes from the grassroots kitchen


A message from Peggy

Today’s industrialised food system subsidises practices that degrade soil, release carbon, deplete nutrients, and mistreat animals and resources. Between agriculture, deforestation, food processing, storage, manufacturing and waste, the food system accounts for up to 37% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

It has taken the past year, through multiple twists and turns (and lots of reflection and bedrest) to figure out how I can best utilize my platform to carry on driving change at a level of impact, ever greater than before.

This digital cookbook is a culmination of everything we have done so far, packaged as a memoir and guide, for you and your loved ones to use, where part of the proceeds we generate through this campaign will help fund our next impact venture – Zero Foodprint Asia – and continue the work that we have poured so much of ourselves in.

Farmers are the stewards to our land and our waters, while chefs are the stewards to your health. Let’s make this next decade nourishing, reformative and equitable for all.

What will you find in the e-cookbook? 

Over 80 plant based recipes from Chef Peggy Chan accompanied by backend stories, nutritional benefits, carbon footprint info, shelf-life, and Peggy’s personal playlist.      

Recipes labelled for intolerances, allergies and common requests: raw, vegan, gluten-free, allium-free, and nut-free.

Pro Chef tips for foodservice businesses and intro to handy kitchen tools for plant based cooking. 

Explore the connection between food, agriculture, sustainability and resiliency. Comprehensively researched facts and data, backed by science, tucked in between recipes and stories.

Tips on sourcing our food for eaters and chefs alike. Learn about supply chain transparency and tips on where to shop for what.

A vivid glimpse of Hong Kong, anecdotes from Peggy’s life and the story of Grassroots. Narratives that inspire action towards a delicious, sustainable and equitable food system.  

Our impact: support local regenerative food projects 

Provenance is more than just a digital cookbook. Part of the proceeds we generate through this campaign will help fund our next impact venture: Zero Foodprint Asia.

How do we plan to use our funding?

A portion of our funding will be allocated towards the creation of the e-cookbook, rewards, and the Kickstarter fee. The majority of our funding will be going towards operating Zero Foodprint Asia and mobilising projects for local regenerative food systems.


About Chef Peggy Chan 

Since the inception of Grassroots Pantry in 2012, Peggy established her restaurant as a training ground for young F&B professionals ready and willing to challenge conventional foodservice operations. The award-winning plant-based restaurant was recognised by the UNSDG ESCAP in 2019 as a best practice case study and achieved the HK Awards for Environmental Excellence in the Service Industry.

An authority on food sustainability in Asia, Peggy developed Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy in 2020 to assist food service professionals in their transition towards best practices that meets both human and planetary health goals.

Her upcoming projects include leading impact-venture Zero Foodprint Asia – an NGO that focuses on mobilising change on an industry-level; as well as spearheading Chef’s Manifesto in Asia – a UN recognised network that engages chefs as advocates for a better food system for all.

Peggy is an alumni of Global Shapers Hong Kong, World Economic Forum, an impassioned TEDx speaker, and was nominated for the Basque Culinary World Prize in 2019.

The team and community

The opportunity to slow down in 2020 also meant a chance for profound realization on where I can make myself most useful while on this planet. For this, I truly believe the universe has a way of guiding us, and helping us draw out energies towards what we’ve been preparing our whole lives for.

I want to thank all of everyone whom I’ve crossed paths with for your many years of support, for your trust and for taking a chance in me. You have all helped Grassroots and myself achieve more than you can ever imagine. And together, we created a community.

Team building is a passion of mine – because I love seeing the strengths in people and identifying what attributes can best complement each other to produce great results. Without this team of smart, creative and bad ass ladies, this project launch couldn’t have come to fruition in such a short time frame. So thank you for your hustle and ever-flowing brain juices MT, CL, MI. x

The success of this project will rely on your pledge, your voice and your support – which will help us help others create a safer, fairer, cleaner and more resilient food system.

With Immense Gratitude,  

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