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Use your smartphone to manage, share and open your new locks in a simple, convenient and secure way!


So what is ProximiKey?

It’s a digital keyless solution that enables you to use your smartphone to open locks. The solution consists of an app and our innovative lock. Our first product in this line of smartlocks is the padlock that is production-ready, but the solution will eventually support any kind of lock.  Up to 4 different locks can be connected to the app and access can be shared with friends, family and/or co-workers. 

The solution is built and powered by NFC technology, as we see it as the perfect fit for the purpose and use case. User Experience is a top priority so we’ve made sure you will experience a simple, quick and well-functioning interaction with the locks. Now, opening your lock is as simple as opening the app and tapping on the lock to open it, just like you do when you use your smartphone to make payments. 

NB: At the time of this launch, we only have the app version ready for iPhone users and our Android app will become available asap.

Why ProximiKey?

You probably already have your smartphone next to you and rely on it for daily interactions. Maybe your smartphone has already replaced some plastic cards in your wallet too? So why not replace one or more physical keys in your bundle? We are sure you’ll agree that these small keys are annoying, easy to lose and difficult to share.

With ProximiKey, we are fulfilling a need you probably didn’t know you had.

Imagine having different locks that you use for many different uses, all connected to your app. Then also imagine the possibilities of sharing access on one or more locks with people you trust?

To summarize some of the benefits of using ProximiKey 

Check out what some of our testers have had to say about the benefits of using ProximiKey padlock in the Feedback section. Here’s a quote from Lean, one of our excited testers.

ProximiKey can be used by anyone of any  age, especially if you are ready ditch the small keys and empower your smartphone as a digital key.

The making of/ Behind the scene

We have been working on a keyless, digital, mobile solution for several years now and finally we have a fully working, production-ready padlock with our app in App Store. See some footage and pictures from the making below here:

Measuring and testing motor and battery capacity:

Hardware/PCB design:

Status and Roadmap

The padlock is as fully functional as we had envisaged, and we now feel 100% comfortable that it is ready to share with the rest of the world to meet your expectations.

To get a glimpse of how we got here and what we have planned as the next steps, please see our roadmap below:

Our roadmap if we reach our target funding goal:

As can be seen on the roadmap, once we exceed our target funding goal by 30% – we will immediately develop an app for Android users, meaning android users are more than welcome to pledge right now. And for the iPhone users, we will also strive to expand the app onto your Apple Watch, for an even more convenient way to open your locks.

In the near future we will offer new types of locks including bike lock, keybox or door lock – but we will listen to our community and what you desire to be our next product release. We’re always open to listen to suggestions so please let us know what you think.

Feedback from testers

Watch and listen to two of our testers and their experience of ProximiKey in recent months:

The team behind ProximiKey – Who are we?

We are 3 brothers (Henrik, Daniel and Simon) who have built ProximiKey and we all have a different educational background. This means we bring a diverse set of skills and competencies within the Software, Hardware, Consulting, Marketing, Sales and Administration functions. Henrik is the lead technology architect and responsible for all engineering aspects within hardware, electronics and mechanics. Daniel will lead and develop software and especially focus on app development – also Android eventually. He will also have a big role in assembling PCB’s, mechanical parts and the lock itself. Simon is leading and running the project overall and will be the face meeting the community and other relations. We will all wear different hats and change between them as and when needed.  We are all very committed to the success of this project.

The Complete Solution – in more details

The Padlock

*We have been running a successful accelerated battery test for months, and we estimate that the battery will last for 5-10 years by everyday use.

The user can replace the battery themselves, without having access to the electronical/mechanical parts. The user will be warned with red flashes on the lock, when it is time to replace it.

The App

At the time of launching this Kickstarter,  the app is only available on Apple App Store. The app has been published for testers on Testflight prior to submission to the real App store. We are working proactively to improve the UI/UX of the app and is a priority for us, but we always wanted a simple and intuitive solution with as few clicks and interactions as possible. 

Remember if the funding goal exceeds by minimum 30% we commit to deliver a version for Android users. An incentive to back, if you are not an iPhone user.

How to work with ProximiKey solution

Setting up a new lock: From the app you will need to set up your new lock. Go to the “gears” icon and enter a name and a password for your lock. Enter the old password (which is 1234 the first time!) and tap to pair you lock. You are now ready to use your lock! If you want to share access to the lock(s) Then the (guest) user just needs to download the app, click on the “gears” icon, enter a name for the lock and enter the existing password. Click on the “save to app” and the password is stored in the app. Now the other person can use the lock. However – please be aware that the newly assigned user can change the password, by having the existing/old one. If password to the lock is completely lost, you can reset password with your Back-up tag/smart card that is hardcoded to your lock.

Setting up the lock:

Change name or password: Simply click on the “gears” icon on the lock you want to change. Name the lock and give a new password. Enter the old one and click done to make the change. Watch the GIF here:

For further tutorials and FAQ – please visit our website: www.proximikey.xyz

Thank you!

We really hope you like our project enough to back us! We think this solution could be beneficial to you too. Please make a pledge, join our journey and make sure to get a ProximiKey padlock. A great community is very important to us!

Regardless of the outcome of this campaign, we will strive to sell ProximiKey padlocks on our website and/or Amazon for an estimated price of 99,- USD in Q4 2022 (ex shipping))

Thanks for stepping by our campaign!