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Dec 01, 2020
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Dec 30, 2020

An educational manual for at-risk youth for my program Re-Directions

I am speaking to youth participants wishing I had my book completed to give to them.

Hello, my name is Evon Lebby and I am raising funds to complete my instructor and participant manuals for my at-risk youth program called Re-Directions.

Pre-teens and teenagers go through so much in life. The Re-Directions Program helps pre-teens and teens understand the different effects of self-awareness to understanding and combatting conflict resolution. This 10 to 12-week curriculum-based program builds participation and relationship dynamics. This program is geared toward adolescents, teens, and young adults (6th – 12th grades).

This program designed for:

– Youth at risk of dropping out of school

– Youth with behavioral issues

– Youth that is depressed or has signs of depression

– Youth with “Adult Authority” issues

– Teen parents

– So-called “under-achievers”

– The gifted and talented

– Youth in or returning from a juvenile facility

– Youth in transition during family changes (ranging from death to divorce)

While in this program participants will:

– Gain self-awareness

– Make better decisions

– Solve problems

– Be able to deal with different environments

– Become more in control of their life

– Express themselves in a controlled environment

Participants will also gain social skills to:

– Learn what they all have in common (during sessions)

– Learn to listen

– Gain experience in being able to talk openly

– Become aware of how they are being seen by others (promoting healthy self-esteem)

– Learn to de-escalate confrontations and issues that may arise