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Oct 12, 2021
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Nov 22, 2021

Smart, connected putting green with app, single & multiplayer games and next gen stats


PUTTR: Putt Better

Ok. If you are a golfer, you know that putting is an important part of the game. But you might not know that putting accounts for over 42% of golf shots! As the saying goes: Drive for show, putt for dough! 

But…you don’t practice, because it’s so boring to practice putting. You go out to the practice green before a round and roll about 5-10 balls, and then take it to the course! Or, maybe you buy an at home putting green. You use it for a few weeks, then it stays rolled up in the closet, and you keep missing those 6 footers that would dramatically improve your score.

PUTTR is the world’s first app-enabled smart putting green that allows golfers to connect and compete while providing next-gen stats and a course-like putting experience. Through gamifying putting practice, PUTTR will make any golfer a better putter, and they will actually enjoy themselves doing it!


One of our main design goals when creating PUTTR was to not only make it portable, but also to make it look good when it was put away. Inspired by modern design, the PUTTR Box is not only super convenient, but also inspiring to look at. PUTTR can be placed on any flat surface and rolled out. We also included a USB charger in the back so you can keep your device on top of PUTTR and not worry about taking it off to charge. The BOX is made out of a high grade aluminum to look sleek, be durable and also lightweight.


The big problem with most at-home putting greens is they don’t replicate the on-course experience. They are only giving you straight putts. Every golfer knows, there are very few straight putts on the golf course! The PUTTR Green solves this problem with 3 different tee options from each distance allowing you to practice straight putts as well as right and left edge putts. Not only do the breaks in putts create a more on-course feel, but the putting surface itself is of the highest quality. The putting surface measures a 11 on the stimp meter, ensuring the ball rolls true to your stroke.


PUTTR is unlike any other putting green on the market because of its integrated computer vision technology through the green’s connected camera. This enables detailed analysis of every putt to give the user feedback on where they need improvement. The technology also seamlessly connects to the PUTTR app via Bluetooth to guide the user through games, drills and competitions. The key to becoming a good putter is not only alignment, but also speed. PUTTR measures both to give you feedback on not only misses and makes, but WHERE you are making and missing from every distance, short, long, left, right.


PUTTR connects seamlessly to the PUTTR app that runs on your iOS or Android mobile device, tablet, or smartTV (AppleTV, GoogleTV). This is where the magic happens. The PUTTR app guides you through games, drills and competitions, and allows you to connect with friends and fellow golfers around the world. You can compete against them, compare your stats, create and share putting games.


This is the major component that sets PUTTR apart. PUTTR taps into the competitive spirit all golfers possess to make you a better golfer or to just have a fun game night with the family. Playing games allows players of all skill levels to enjoy putting, from detailed practice routines to arcade style games like Cricket, Pop-A-Shot, Skee-Ball, HORSE and more coming soon! Interactive leaderboards allow you to see how you compare to your friends and earn bragging rights.


PUTTR is your personal putting coach. Finally, you will be able to see stats on which putts you’re making, which putts you are missing, how you compare to the pros, which achievements you’ve unlocked, and how regularly you are practicing. Let Profile guide your practice routine. Let it inspire you to create games and drills that focus on the areas your stats show you need to improve.


PUTTR Club is a subscription service that includes features for putting improvement, socializing with and competing against other PUTTR Club members. Gain access to interactive instruction from PGA professionals, visualization techniques, putting drills, meditation and content to help improve. PUTTR Club will also get members access to exclusive member only events in cities around the world and access to online and live tournaments and competitions. Additional in-app features like CREATOR will allow you to create your own games and practice routines. Weekly, monthly and yearly challenges will keep you putting, and achievements can be unlocked based on your putting performance. 

Founder Story


Hi, I’m Matt Allard, founder of PUTTR. I’m a scratch golfer, with an extreme passion for golf and technology, and my background is in app development. A few years ago, my wife and I had our first son, and, naturally, I wanted to get him into golf right away. So, I took the Earl Woods (Tiger’s dad) approach, and started working with him at the hole and moving backwards. I wanted to make sure he knew how important putting was.

Getting to a course was challenging with his age and our schedule, so I bought one of those home putting mats so we could play and practice. After he would go to sleep, I would hit a few putts, but get bored almost immediately and fold it up and put it away. I figured there had to be a better way to practice putting, make it fun and gamified, but also give me feedback on where I was making, missing and needed to improve. 

That’s when PUTTR was born. I started with IR sensors in the hole for my early prototype that I built out of wood, and ultimately evolved to full computer vision with a camera mounted above the hole that connects with an app on your phone, tablet or smart TV.

I also wanted to make it something that was aesthetically pleasing, functional, and could exist in our house without my wife (who is an interior designer) constantly asking to put it back in the garage.

I am so excited that after almost 2 years of working on this project during Covid, it is finally here and can’t wait to see all of you on the green. Our vision is to create a community of people who enjoy golf and friendly (or not so friendly) competition, and want to improve their putting while having fun!

Thanks so much for your support!

Risks and challenges

The team has measured the risks with manufacturing and feels that we have done everything to mitigate major risks. The product has been in working beta for several months and we feel comfortable with rolling out. The one major risk we see is around timeline and the global supply chain issue around electronic components. We will make sure to keep our backers up to date monthly with information around supply.