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Dec 23, 2020
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Jan 22, 2021

The non-contact smart thermometer that brings fun snd convenience to daily life.


Smart contactless thermometer that delivers accurate temperature results blends charismatic modern compact design, use-anywhere convenience and integrated functionalities with the Internet of Things. 

Use it at home or in the office, or even at your shop to keep yourself and everyone else safe, this is the smart, compact, cute, and extremely accurate high-quality thermometer that you need to safely face the challenges of our times.

Responding to the challenges of our times, QTherm doesn’t require any physical contact but it delivers instant results, nevertheless. QTherm can take someone’s temperature at a distance of 0.4 to 1.9 inches (1 to 5 centimeters) from the center of their forehead, making it perfect for taking the temperature of babies, young children and patients without disturbing them or causing them discomfort or distress. It’s also perfect for you to use it at your shop, as visitors walk in and you instantly read their temperature in a safe, reliable and contactless way.

QTherm uses a Melexis MLX90615SSG-DAG-000-TU Infrared Sensor to measure temperature. In other words, it has a medical accuracy grade and a measurement resolution of 0.02°C. That means that QTherm gives you the kind of reliable results that you’d only find in clinics or hospitals.

QTherm allows you to measure temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. You just need to double-click in order to easily switch between modes.

QTherm is equipped with a 500mah Lithium-Ion Battery that can measure temperature about 600 times per charging cycle. Charging your smart and cute thermometer is also extremely easy—its Type-C connector lets you charge your thermometer as if it was a mobile phone.

When it’s in smart IoT mode, QTherm can be connected to IFTTT, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homekit and other Internet platforms, which allows you to feedback test temperature, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, and more ways to play with your innovative thermometer that aligns with your smart home.

QTherm is extremely compact and lightweight, measuring 76mm x 41mm x 16mm and weighing only about 40g. You will hardly notice it’s there, wherever you want to have it, but it’s ready to deliver accurate temperature readings in one second, whenever you need them.

Thermometers have been around for a long time, but no one ever noticed just how important they are until COVID-19 came along. Measuring people’s temperature is a decisive step—whether you do it yourself or someone does it to you—to detect signs of fever and, consequently, of a possible infection. That’s why you’re now seeing thermometers everywhere!

Let’s get into details here. See how QTherm compares to other available technologies.

Traditional mercury thermometers are inexpensive and provide accurate test results. However, they are not safe or effective in our days. After all, they are contact-based because they only provide any results when placed in the armpit, mouth or anus, removed, and read 5-10 minutes. That means that the whole idea of avoiding physical contact is compromised by mercury thermometers, and the time they take to provide results make them inefficient and even more undesirable.

And that’s not all. Mercury is a highly toxic component that has led 128 countries to join “the Minamata Convention on Mercury” and commit to banning the production and import of mercury-containing products from 2020.

In addition to mercury clinical thermometers, there are also electronic thermometers that are commonly used. However, since these takes 30s to 3min to deliver results, they keep cross-infection a risk because contagion may have already occurred since the temperature measurement started until it ended—because, again, this is a contact-based solution.

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