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The first portable air purifier that doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness for portability


We’re Thomas, Jason, & Andy — three colleagues who looked at the “new normal” of pandemic times and thought: How can we help our friends and families stay safe as the world opens back up?

So while some people spent lockdown perfecting their sourdough recipes, we spent ours working closely with air purification experts. The result? A new-age wearable purifier that eliminates airborne bacteria in close proximity. And honestly, it looks pretty cool too!



We’re not mincing words:

Source: World Health Organization & Smart Air Filters

Now sure, we can’t purify the world’s air in one fell swoop… But we can mitigate these risks with better day-to-day solutions. Especially considering that your standard wearable ionizing purifier doesn’t even eliminate contaminants; it merely forces them down onto nearby surfaces where they remain a threat!


We think that simply isn’t good enough. Wouldn’t you agree?



Our lovely little device essentially uses a two-step process:

(1) Release positive and negative ions into the air

& (2) Spread them out with a miniature fan.

Once airborne, these ions seek out airborne contaminants and fully break them down — much like heat-seeking missiles track down their targets. So while you’re going about your day, wearing your Quair Plasma Mini, this is what that’ll look like:

In other words: It’ll look like overall improved air quality.



While the initial inspiration may have been to help out our loved ones, we quickly realized it could be just the thing you need:

  • If you have respiratory issues or allergies
  • If you live on a busy street, near a construction site, or by a hospital
  • If you live in a home with pets, smokers, candle enthusiasts, etc…
  • If you frequent crowded environments at your workplace or on public transport
  • If you simply want another layer of protection in addition to your mask — when going to the store, eating at a restaurant, or even walking your dog


And so on. Basically, the Quair Plasma Mini is for everyone concerned with the state of their health. Which, in this crazy day and age, may as well be all of us.



It’s all about those bipolar ions. Once the fan spreads them out, they attach to harmful particles and work their magic:

Our positive and negative ions also induce a chemical reaction that extracts Hydrogen from viruses and bacteria. But viruses and bacteria need Hydrogen to survive, so this effectively breaks them down. That Hydrogen (H) then pairs with another byproduct of this reaction — (OH) — to form harmless H20 water particles.

With regards to those volatile organic compounds, our ions pair them with oxygen (i.e. they “oxidize” them) to a similar effect: breaking them down into gases that are natural to air (oxygen, nitrogen, CO2).

… Again, it’s much better than simply dropping bacteria down onto nearby surfaces, isn’t it? Instead, those harmful particles are eliminated outright; no air filter necessary. And the Quair Plasma Mini does all this quite effectively within a radius of 30cm — a perfect buffer to protect your breathing area.



For all the Quair Plasma Mini does do, though, perhaps most important is what it doesn’t do: Produce harmful levels of ozone like most other portable ion-based purifiers. With Quair Plasma Mini, we’ve significantly cut down that byproduct, falling well below FDA and EPA upper limits for ozone emission to keep your lungs safe and healthy.

Our initial focus was to make this thing as effective as possible. Check! Next up? Making it practical for everyday use.

That meant keeping it super light — weighing in at only 85g, you can easily wear our purifier wherever, whenever.

That also meant that its battery life had to be long-lasting. So with a full charge (~2 hrs), you get a nice 8 to 10 hours of legwork. We went with a universal 5V power supply, which you can recharge with an easy-plug USB-C cable.

And that meant one more thing: It needed to look nice! So enjoy the sleek, minimalistic design, and choose your favourite device color (with a matching Neck Strap) and additional accessories: different color necklace, protective case and shirt clips.

Here’s how we stack up




Like we said: We’re doing what we can to bring some certainty in these uncertain times. Which means, first and foremost, being transparent to you about our plans. If something changes, you’ll hear about it pronto — that’s how we operate, no matter what.



Right now, we’re all aching to get back to some semblance of “normal.” But we’re also hyper-aware of the risks that “normal” entails. It’s a tough seesaw to balance.

That’s why we need solutions like the Quair Plasma Mini. As things slowly open back up — as social bubbles expand and travel restrictions cease and more restaurants reopen their doors — we’ll want that added layer of protection. We’ll want to worry less and live more.

So whether you’re an essential worker, a concerned citizen, or anyone in between — let’s come together, take a deep breath, and make the world a little safer.



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