$1 raised out of $95,000

Built to Last | Designed to Travel

20-30mph | 15-20 mile range depending on rider size

The tall design allows for you to place dry saddle bags on each side to carry items with you on the go! This is the ultimate board built for the adventurer and the urban city rider! Its unique metal patent pending design is the most durable board to date!  

Controlled by a hand held remote its features can allow the rider to go forward or reverse. There are several speed levels allowing to you cruise or speed. 

Tires are inflatable for maximum comfort while riding the board. 

Foot straps can be applied if rider wishes to add them. 

The board has 4 screws on each side allowing the board to break down and fit into a small suit case for travel

Battery attachment will allow the rider to switch out the pack for longer ride times. 

NOTE: The final shipped product will have a more cleaner finish(wires will be hidden and secured, battery will clip into place and a few other nice touches will be applied to ensure the highest quality possible, high quality LED lighting will be included for night riding) 

“Our team is here to produce a safe, awesome riding experience, and build on this new movement. We hope you guys decide to purchase our board and support lowering carbon emissions.” – Rad Rider Team


Will there be a website after launch to buy spare parts and add-ons? 

Yes, after funding we will launch our website to purchase spare parts etc.

Can the board size length and height be adjusted?

Yes! Once launched we will be selling on our website adjustable length and height kits for different terrains and riding styles.

Are the batteries going to be interchangeable? 

Yes the final rollout design will have interchangeable batteries for longer ride times.

Video showing the power operations of the board. As you can see it has multiple speed settings. You pull back and push forward quickly to move up speed levels.  NOTE: the final product will have a cleaner battery to board connection and the wires will be hidden. 

Video showing the frame and screws to break the board down to fit in a suit case etc. Please NOTE: the final product will have a cleaner battery to board connection and the wires will be hidden. 

“Add Saddle Bags to carry items with you”

(Not Included, will be able to be purchased on website after product ships)
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