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Everything you need for your work place, all in one tool cabinet!


In recent years, as a dealer of various tool brands, we have sold a huge number of tool cabinets from several brands. What we noticed is that there always was a huge difference between price, quality and warranty periods between the trusted top-brands and the tool cabinets of brandless and less popular brands. We also noticed that the range of tools in those cabinets always remains the same. In our shop we heard the question numerous times of whether we had a tool cabinet in our range that had high quality, a longer warranty period than 1 or 2 years, but was more accessible in terms of price. Another question our customers asked, was whether we sold something allowing them to store their drill or impact wrench in a cabinet.

We started by noting a few things. How can you offer a tool cabinet with high quality tools, a warranty period of more than 10 years and how can we also ensure that we offer it for a good price? What composition should there be in our cabinet? After good research, we soon found out that this project was feasible! The composition was actually simple, after conducting online surveys with our customers. Almost 65% would like to see a tool cabinet that comes with several power tools. But the power tools have to be of high quality, because if you have good tools in your cabinet then the power tools should be at least just as good! And more than 20% wanted to see air driven tools in a cabinet. That is when the idea of Drakar occurred to us: why not make a tool cabinet that has the most essential tools and power tools in one cabinet?

The Drakar is a re-imagined tool cabinet that helps you to find the confidence and trust in your tools to finish your projects, tasks or jobs without frustration and danger. 

It goes without saying that you need all kinds of tools at the workplace. However, this usually results in various power tools with different batteries; different storage boxes for each tool; different chargers; or tools lying out and about making it difficult to find the right tool. In other words, all these different kinds of tools can create chaos in a place you would want to be organized. Storing those tools properly is therefore a must – not only to be able to find them quickly, but also to guarantee safety. Tools lying around pose a significant risk, and accidents can happen quickly! We dream of working on projects, tasks or a job without the hassle of different chargers, batteries and lost tools. 

The target price after the kickstarter campaign for combination # 1 will be € 3299, – and for combination #2 € 3499, -. Because we want to ensure that we can produce a first series, we have decided to offer our backers an early bird price of €2199,- and €2399,- including 21% VAT. Backers outside the Netherlands with a valid VAT number can purchase the Drakar with 0% VAT. The price for #1 will be: €1819,- and #2 €1980,-. Because we are so confident in our tools we offer a lifetime warranty (30 years in the EU) on the handtools and a 2 year guarantee period on the power tools.

Currently, a tool cabinet that has our features does not exist yet. We know that a tool cabinet in itself is not new, yet including several power tools, pneumatic tools and a 30 year warranty period at this price is!  

Our power tools have brushless motors, which means that instead of carbon brushes, magnets are used to generate power. There are advantages of brushless motors opposed to brushed ones. First off, the brushless motor adjusts its power depending on the task. This means that a brushless power tool always uses its power efficiently making it energy efficient. Furthermore, brushless power tools require less maintenance and generate less heat and noise. This friction-free design allows the brushless power tools to last longer than brushed power tools. 

This very complete impact wrench module contains 2 air ratchets and 3 impact wrenches. This allows you to loosen and tighten all your nuts and bolts in an instant. The impact wrenches are ideal for heavy work. With the air ratchets you can work very quickly, even when there is hardly any striking space. The set also contains a rotatable coupling so that you can reach any place. 

My father Rob has been working as a locksmith for years. He has tested the Drakar for the past month and is very exited!

Valentin Teillet ( Team Performance 737) is an MX1 Motocross French Championship Racer, European Supercross and French National Champion. As a professional motorcrosser he needs to be able to find his tools in a split second. He tested one of our prototypes and really liked it, want to know more? Watch the video! 

We at Prijstechnisch BV. have been selling tools in our online store since 2014, in 2017 we started our own brand Ragnor. At Ragnor we have a mission. By creating high quality, affordable and sustainable tools, we want to give our customers trust and confidence while crafting, working or in general when using their tools. With our years of experience in selling tools we have come to understand that a messy workplace can hinder this trust and confidence. A messy workplace is not only frustrating, it can also be dangerous. The Drakar provides a solution to this. The Drakar will organize your workplace for you and allows for easy access to your tools, no more hassling! We came up with the idea of the Drakar so you can have the confidence and trust in your tools to finish your projects, tasks or jobs without frustration and danger.

We believe this product should be widely available on the market. Therefore, we want to be able to sell this tool cabinet in our online store. As a small business this is a big investment, so to be able to do this, we need your help! Do you believe in the Drakar as much as we do? Pledge right now! 

For our Dutch backers (companies or business owners): after pledging we will collect shipping and invoice information. This allows us to send you an invoice. The price on kickstarter is including 21% VAT, this will show on the invoice. 

For our European backers: want to buy the Drakar starting from €1819,-? That is possible if you are buying this for your company or as a business owner! After pledging we will collect shipping and invoice information (a valid VAT number). This allows us to send you an invoice. Excluding VAT, combination #1 costs €1819,- and combination #2 €1980,-.

Our goal is to raise €100,000 to kickstart scaling up and selling the cabinet in retail. As explained before, we want this product to be widely available and sold on a large scale. Money raised will therefore allow us to invest in production and scaling up the manufacturing and selling it in our online store. Dedicated to our backers, we worked hard to make sure we are ready to deliver on our promises!