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 !!!(Please give the DEMO a try) !!!

Why is this world so cruel? Filled with poisonous gas, burning cities, and mysteriously transformed creatures.

Yes, something must be done.

Because it’s not over yet.

Because it must not be finished.

Side-scrolling puzzle platform.

You pick up items, put them together, and use them to advance.

Of course, mysterious creatures and large monsters are waiting for you in the field.

The game lacks action, but it will let you explore the mysteries of the world.

The game is divided into 4 chapters in total.

You can experience a different worldview in each chapter (except for the last part).

You can experience a whole chapter in the demo version.


Raid Kids is a PC game. (windows / mac)

(Scheduled to be available on Steam)

RaidKids is a game influenced by Inside and LIMBO, and as you progress, you will get the whole picture of its worldview.

(However, the original taste!)


・ Horrific taste!

・ Line-conscious dark design.

・ Monsters and characters full of individuality…?

・ Storyline that connects everything in the end.

・mask! mask! mask!

—Team Members—

Aury (Aury Ht)

・ Game creator, writer, main programmer, and illustrator. Japanese.

・ Responsible for almost everything in RaidKids except the music.

・ Works for a Japanese game development company and creates indie games day and night.

・ Tim Burton fan.

Tomokazu Shoji

・ Fighting composer in charge of the worldview background music of RaidKids.

・ The composer’s passion for music far surpasses the heat of the sun. The sound created expresses even the most subtle details, making the composer an alchemist of sound.

・ With your funds, I will work hard to release RaidKids around 2023!

(Actually, I wanted to release in 2022…)

The story is already complete, so I will do my best to make it a better game experience!