$1 raised out of $100,000
Start date
Oct 27, 2020
Close date
Dec 26, 2020

A TV drama series chronicling the lives of 6 freshman to show the many battles young people in school go through but never talk about


Hello, my name is Ekene Som Mekwunye. I am a filmmaker and I teach film production and techniques at Pan Atlantic University. One of those days on campus, as I observed a lot of my students just doing what young people do, I had an idea to create a TV drama series that will chronicle the lives of 6 young freshmen in a university. A lot of young people go through so much in their early life and never get to talk about them. This is because they either feel like they can sort things out themselves or they don’t know who they are comfortable enough with to share such and that will not judge them for their actions. So we decided to create a TV series that will chronicle all these issues to let them know they are not alone and more importantly help them see different ways to handle issues. 

Arriving at the university was a whole new experience for a lot of us as freshmen. It was the first time some of us ever spent the night somewhere other than home without a guardian watching over us. It usually feels like you are just about to start another life. It’s also the point a lot of us started the trajectory to where we have found ourselves today; either negative or positive. It’s a place for making mistakes and learning from them. Though the TV drama would be showing life on campus but would be used as a tool to teach values. I believe young people would do better if they knew better. I want to use this drama series to show young people how they can add value to themselves and motivate them to start building their careers early on rather that just attend parties and watch TV. The central theme will be motivating young people to live a life of values.

 This will not be in any way trying to make young people live like older people or not to make mistakes, as it will be hip, fun and trendy as young people will always be young people but will certainly portray those values that show responsibility and help them be better citizens. Each episode will tackle a major vice plaguing young people and would be told in a very creative and engaging way. The drama series will be available online. We hope to finish raising the funds by December 2020 so we can start pre production in January to start shooting by March 2021. We are hoping to raise £100,000.00 in the process.