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Nov 18, 2020
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Dec 16, 2020

Wear your support, sustain Hong Kong democracy, connect the world.



Hong Kongers, Never Give Up!

一年多,香港人用血肉、時間、心力、精神追尋公義、民主與自由,如何把這份精神在艱難日子延續下去,告訴身邊人「你絕不孤單」? 或許 JTHK 系列是你的答案。由日本設計團隊 DDDDDHK 設計,PROJECT R 出品的 T-SHIRTS 及 HOODIES 銳意把香港抗爭與日本心意連結,以衣飾暗地把抗爭「穿」入生活。

In the past year, Hongkongers have gone all out fighting for justice, freedom, and democracy. Millions of us took to streets to safeguard Hong Kong’s autonomy and protest against abuse of police powers. Many have been arrested and tortured; a lot suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and physical injuries.

Despite an uphill battle, we will not stop pursuing justice. Designed by DDDDDHK and produced by Project R, this creative campaign is a way to express our causes in daily life.  We hope to bring these products to the international community as a token for our culture diplomacy.



Live Our Fight


In this very challenging time, our voice may not be heard, but we refuse to give up. Through this series of designer products, we seek to reignite the hope and solidarity of Hongkongers. We are telling the world our fight must go on till the dawn.  

This series comprises three beautiful designs on high quality hoodies and T-shirts. Each design carries a metaphor for a memory or spirit of the Hong Kong movement. The metaphoric design concept conveys our messages in a subtle way, making anyone (in or outside Hong Kong) feel safe and comfortable to wear them in daily life. So please “put on” our story and connect them to all walks of life.



JTHK,代表 JAPAN、TAIWAN、HONG KONG 三地緊密合作。產品皆由日本設計、台灣製造、香港統籌策劃而成,經過不斷磨合,互相補位,成就了這個結合三地黃圈的突破性項目。

Designed in Japan, made in Taiwan and executed in Hong Kong (hence aka “JTHK”), this project is an unprecedented collaboration of Hongkongers all over the world. Together, this group of talented, young and energetic Hongkongers have delivered great work to make this project possible.



World Trending

過去一年多,香港人留下不少民主足印, 一直在國際社會得到普遍認同。我們希望透過此項目把香港人的不屈精神轉化成文化輸出,引起各界持續關注,讓香港的故事繼續流行全球,當中少不了穿上JTHK的你,化身為人肉文宣,一齊傳播信念!

Hongkongers are fighting on the free world’s forefront against tyrannous powers. We hope the free world stands by us in pursuit of universal values (justice, freedom and democracy). By putting on these hoodies and T-shirts, you will help us tell our stories to the world. Please let our voice enlighten freedom fighters in every corner of the globe that they are not alone, and we share their struggles.



Japan x Hong Kong


All the three designs incorporated languages and cultures of Japan and Hong Kong. By including Japanese elements into the stories, the designs carry interconnections of the two and speak stories of the pain and persistence of Hongkongers in the past year.



The pronunciation of these eight Japanese katakana can resonate collective voices among Hong Kong protestors (chat with a Hongkonger to find out.) Named after our shared motto, “BE WATER” is a metaphor which means adapting to changing circumstances just like water. This design echoes how Hongkongers keep transforming and find ways to voice out even under oppression.

延伸閱讀 (Read more):




In SOUL, the paired Mt. Fuji and the Lion Rock reflect the connection between Japan and Hong Kong, despite thousands of miles apart.




ROUTE contains subtexts that only HongKongers and those who follow the protests would understand. Some knowledge of Japanese is useful too. This edition is a great way to start conversations with other people in the community.

*We will send you the meaning of the design once you contribute to this perk.



Behind the Hood

Hoodies背後其實喑隱藏玄機,戴上帽的一刻會揭露一條繡有「HONGKONGER」的直幡,形態顯然勾起同路人的集體回憶,彰顯我們的心聲及自我認同。設計如港人般靈活變通,隨心戴上,隨機脫下。帽形亦比市面 HOODIES 稍大,能全面包裹頭部。
Another great feature of the hoodies is the hidden stripe with embroidery of the text “HONGKONGER” under the hood. The design concept is from the multi-storey tall vertical banner Hongkongers often display on our mother mountain, Lion Rock, as a form of protest. The action represents the Hongkongers’ aspirations and sense of identity. The stripe can be seen when the hood is lifted and hidden when the latter off. The way it is designed is also an embodiment of our Be Water spirit.  The hood is slightly bigger than standard hoods, creating a full coverage of the wearer’s head.



Product Details



Designed in Japan. Produced in Taiwan. Operated in Hong Kong

產品全由日本團隊DDDDDHK設計,團隊為在日港人發起,身體力行以設計及拍攝和後製表達對香港支持。JTHK 一切用料及剪裁均跟市面速成製品不同,布料、網版、縫紉等全由台灣生產及人手印製,顏料亦採用高韌度的日本製品。整個產品策劃經多方考量及與廠商協調下訂造,絕對不是罐頭貨。此外,銷售、協商、客服、宣傳、運輸、溝通等主要由香港 PROJECT R 年輕人團隊合作而成,當中佔多數是剛畢業或在學青年。

These products are designed by DDDDDHK, an initiative started by Japan-based Hongkongers. DDDDDHK strives to show their support to the movement in Hong Kong through their creatives. The materials and cutting of the JTHK series are different from those of the fast-moving fashion market. They are manufactured with high quality cotton fabrics and meticulously printed in Taiwan. The raw materials, including fabrics, printing screens and sewing materials, are sourced in Taiwan and the high-tough pigments for printing from Japan. The entire production plan was done with close collaboration of various parties. The execution, ranging from factory and material selection, sales, customer services, marketing to logistics, are accomplished by a group of young and diligent team of Project R who are mostly students and fresh-graduates.



Global Yellow Economic Circle. Spread Our Voice

利用是次產品合作,擴大黃色經濟圈,把黃圈推至全球合作,你的支持非常重要。JTHK 拒絕使用單一及量產型製品,務求做到顧良心、重品質的黃產品。我們積極把你的支持帶進每一個過程和細節,受惠於不同國家同一理念的同路人。

穿上 JTHK ,參與不同國家的活動,或探訪不同地方,你都能在言談間輕鬆借設計圖案輸出抗爭,講述香港的民主之路,把香港人精神帶到國際,達致全球連結。靠你及我們的努力,讓國際持續關注港人的堅持。

Hongkongers have brought the movement to different platforms. We are building an economic ecosystem comprising pro-democracy businesses, groups and individuals. Our goal is to emerge as an economic, social and cultural power which embraces universal values, thrives globally and is respected by the world.

Through this campaign, we would like to connect with businesses and individuals who share our values and mission. We aim to show the world there exist alternative supply chains which are free from the control of authoritarian regimes. Outside that regime, Hongkongers and anyone in the globe are able to produce beautiful products with sustainability and high quality. 



Recovery Fund

你的懲罰,不止換來一件貨品,亦能協助有需要的人重獲新生,繼續找尋自由生活。我們會將部分收益撥捐千鳥花基金,基金主要支援全球有需要香港人,讓他們有機會得到心理治療,盡快從 PTSD 及其他情緒困擾中走出陰霾。

This project is simple but meaningful. Not only will you get yourself a product with your contribution, it can also help the needed in their search for a free and easier life. No matter how much you are going to contribute to our campaign, we will allocate a part of the fund raised to the Recovery Fund that assists Hongkongers in need for psychological help to recover from PTSD or other mental issues.



Supporting International Front and Young Generation

PROJECT R 致力聘請香港年輕人,讓他們在亂世中能發展所長,你的支持同時鼓勵更多年輕一代自力更生,讓他們能持續營運。此外,部分收益亦會用作支援外國戰線,希望把你的助力變更擴散。讓我們合力,在全球建立可持續性黃色經濟圈,令外國戰線及年輕人有更大空間發展。

若你希望在商務上透過合作以作支持,PROJECT R 及 DDDDDHK都樂意洽談。

Project R stands with the truth and the storytellers. We will use the profit from product sales to provide employment and start-up opportunities for young Hongkongers. A lot of them have encountered economic hardship due to their participation in this social movement. We will also devote resources to support the international diplomacy front of our movement.   

We wish to collaborate with groups and individuals in the world who share our values and mission. If you want to cooperate with Project R and DDDDDHK, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

歡迎聯絡 (Contact)

Project R email:cs@renaissancehk.com
DDDDDHK email:hello@dddddhk.com


R 來自 RENAISSANCE,有再生、復興的意思。建立以來,PROJECT R 致力構建一個屬於全球香港人的社區及經濟共同體,做到香港人靠香港人,拒絕單一經濟依賴。同時,PROJECT R 以聘請各地年輕人為主,確保年輕人能靠其才能自食其力,保證他們的作品及努力能衝出香港,建立一個屬於香港人的創意品牌。

The “R” stands for “renaissance”, the spirit of rebirth and recovery. Project R is committed to reinvent Hong Kong into a great economic and cultural power which embraces universal values, thrives globally and is respected by the world. We hope to build a global community where Hongkongers can live their dreams and determine their destiny. 

Project R hires young Hongkongers in parts of the world for their talents to shine beyond borders and develop a creative brand for Hongkongers.


Since 2019, HongKongers have demonstrated their determination on defending democracy and freedom internationally. Initiated by Japan-based HongKongers, DDDDDHK commits to cultural diplomacy spreading the core value and cultural perspective of HongKongers through designs, creatives, and products created by overseas Hongkongers. As part of the Global Yellow Economic Circle, DDDDDHK also provides creative and branding services to like minded businesses.

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Project R



此系列其實於 2020 年 6 月至 7 月由 DDDDDHK 自家推出,並得到各方同路人支持,包括八百幾個來自28個國家的 BACKERS,高峰期籌得四十多萬港幣,並一度成為 INDIEGOGO的FASHION-FORWARD FINDS HIGHLIGHTS 及 TRENDING CAMPAIGN。可惜受政治環境影響,無奈取消。

This series of design was previously launched by DDDDDHK in June 2020 and backed by over 800 backers from 28 countries with a funding of over HK$400,000. The campaign was even listed on Indiegogo as a “Fashion-forward Finds Highlights” and “Trending Campaign.” Unfortunately, due to the change in political circumstances, the campaign did not proceed to the production stage.

縱然面對重重困難,念念不忘,必有迴響,DDDDDHK 夥拍 PROJECT R 重新推出,為的是更完備的架構,成就更完美的產品,祈望大家能一起與我們克服困難。

Despite difficulties, Project R reached out for partnership with DDDDDHK and relaunched the campaign with a better campaign structure and product quality.


In this collaboration, all the products were printed by hand individually with high-quality raw materials from Taiwan and Japan. Unlike other mass-produced apparel, the entire production process of JTHK products was carefully planned by an energetic group of Hongkongers all over the world including Taiwan. To refuse influence from the authoritarian regime, we use foreign shippers and couriers to handle our orders.  This new operation model may have increased our costs and pushed up the product prices. That said, we are free from the undue influence of suppliers controlled by the authoritarian regime.  

因應 COVID-19 持續肆虐全球,在可見將來運輸上也受到一定延誤,甚至面臨高成本運輸。但我們會盡力把貨品送到客人手上,請大家耐心等候。

Due to the COVID-19 situation, overseas shipments might possibly experience significant delay and bear a higher delivery fee. But we will try our best to make it to your door.




JTHK 並非單靠我們,亦需要有你這位同路人的支持,才能達成以上目標。我們希望透過與不同團體合作、透過銷售,找出更多志同道合的同路人,讓一切在買賣中成熟,推出更多產品,擴大黃色經濟圈實力。同時,提升香港年輕人競爭力,協助外國戰線,並支援更多需要情緒支援的香港人。讓我們共同努力,以不同方式繼續支持香港。

We can never achieve our goal without your support. As our brand evolves, we hope to network with like minds and collaborate with other groups and individuals. We look forward to creating more products to enlarge our economic ecosystem and raise the market competitiveness of Hongkongers. We will also provide more help to Hongkongers who suffer from mental health issues.