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100% natural chilli sauces that burst flavours – Hot, Numbing, Umami, Aromas!


As fellow city foodies and chilliholics, we, Mad Jelly, aspire to make your busy life easier without compromising the taste. We don’t want to settle with the limited choices sold by big corporations to trick our tongues with chemicals, why should you?

So we take up the mission to create a guilt-free chilli sauce that combines the beauty of traditional sauce making and modern wellness concept – we want to help you take care of your body, starting from what we put into our mouths.

我們都是無辣不歡的美食達人,於忙碌的生活之中,Mad Jelly希望為你提供一個方便又好味的選擇,令你不需要局限於大集團壟斷式銷售的化學加工食品,可以真正享受食材的真味。



Growing up in the international food paradise – Hong Kong, where chilli sauce is part of our daily diet, we love it in our wonton noodles or being elevated as XO sauce on a Michelin dish. The oil-based chilli sauce is so versatile that it is perfect for cooking and dipping with most food. But we know that it can be more than this!

Therefore, we started from learning the secrets between traditional recipes, ingredients and cooking methods, to exploring potentials from international cuisine.

After 2 years of countless experiments in forming the ultimate flavour with wellness ingredients, we proudly give you —

// A chilli sauce that’s so hot and so healthy that tastes like heaven! //



// 一樽令你一啖上癮、瘋狂又惹味的全天然輕養生辣椒醬!//

 Our Creation  

We present to you two new flavours…whether you are a spicy lover or an explorer, our sauces can fulfil your every wishes to be excited and surprised!


Imagine enjoying the sea breeze on the beach, every breath is filled with natural shrimp umami. Waves of heat and numbing sensations from Peri Peri chilli and Sichuan peppercorns keep coming, so addictive, mesmerizing and long lasting.


Strolling into a beautiful France provencal orchard, close your eyes and be surrounded by sweet and herbal aromas. Surprised by a Peruvian fiesta, so hot, fruity and sexy.


// Trust me, you will want both of them! 相信我, 兩款辣醬你都想要!//

 Key Elements 

We only believe in 100% natural, meaning we do not use any additives, preservatives, and not even salt nor sugar. The basic tastes sweet, salty, sour and umami, all comes naturally from our ingredients, e.g. original umami from dried shrimps and sweetness from our organic goji berries. We hand-pick every one of them to make sure they are beneficial to your body.

Mad Jelly堅持採用100%全天然材料,無添加化學物或防腐劑,不加糖或鹽,每一味酸甜辣咸都是源自食材的真味。用上過百種天然的食材,不停實驗創新,豐富口感和味道,人手挑選的食材每一㮔都充滿營養,構成五味完美平衡的感官享受。  

 How to Use 

You can marinate, stir-fry, dip or simply mix the sauces with your food. Anytime you want to spice things up, it is ready to use and no other seasonings are needed. Easy!


Our 【Hot Dancing Shrimp】and 【Killer Berry】 are more versatile than you can imagine! Follow our Instagram for more recipe ideas. (Click photo below to Instagram)

我們的【辣到生蝦咁跳醬】【少女藏刀辣醬】有更多超乎你想像的用法! 追蹤我們的Instagram獲得更多食譜分享。(按下圖可連到 Instagram)

// Love the combination of chilli and dried shrimps, the flavours are so deep and intense! //  — Marcio, Head Chef & Spice lover, Italy

//麻辣得黎有鹹香求其撈乜都得!仲有啲咬口! //  — Joe, Foodie Reporter, HK

// The Killer Berry smells so lovely, totally didn’t expect the heat that hit you right after!// — Kels, Home Cook & Restaurant Guru, UK

// 少女藏刀辣醬最啱素食嘅我,加一匙就已經好夠,陣香草味煮西餐就啱哂! // — Talia, Vegan & Pastry Chef, Macau

 // I used the Hot Dancing Shrimp to make my famous fried chicken, my family loves it! It adds more layers to the taste!  And perfect with a good sake🍶// — Antony, Chilli & Sake Sommelier, HK

Production & Sourcing

We follow strictly our principle of using only natural ingredients, meaning no additives, colorings, or chemical enhancement are allowed. Therefore, we only source from world-wide trusted partners and hand-pick each and every one of our ingredients to make sure they meet our requirements.

Our products are proudly Made In Hong Kong as we believe our high standards and stringent quality control can give you the biggest quality assurance and confidence . We work with our licensed sauce production house with over 50 years experience in Hong Kong to craft small batches to ensure the highest food safety standards, and to meet strict compliance with food regulations.


Mad Jelly的所有產品都是於香港製造,我們與具有超過五十多年經驗的醬園合作,每一個步驟都非常精確,加上小量生產更能控制品質,保證可以符合食物安全品質的國際標準,令大家食得放心。


Our small batch production ensures the best quality control. Each batch will be fresh off the wok and deliver to you. The earlier you support us, the bigger discount you will get!


 Projected Timeline 

HK customers are guaranteed to receive before Chinese New Year, it is perfect as a gift for your friends and family.


***Free shipping in Hong Kong 香港獨家免運費! ***

(Additional costs may incur for outlying islands 離島地區或另收附加費)