$7,865 raised out of $300,000
Start date
Sep 16, 2020
Close date
Nov 16, 2020

A unique, luxurious, green-living B&B experience in Golden, B.C. Canada! Relax, restore, reconnect.


We are Reigh (they, them) and Katherine Ring (she/her), and we are so grateful you are ready to make Golden Gaze Bed & Breakfast come to life!

Our vision is simple: Sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity. 

We want to create the type of deeply healing, Queer and POC centered, eco-friendly vacation retreat that we have always been looking for. Golden Gaze is a unique, adults-only, farm-to-table B&B in Western Canada’s beautiful mountain ranges, that will invite a deeper connection both to yourself and the world around you.

We will create a uniquely restorative environment, by combining:

  • Nourishing features like a farm-to-table, homemade breakfast and snacks
  • Optional packages for self- and relationship- coaching using the Enneagram
  • Sustainable dome style cabins to feel truly a part of nature
  • Relaxing and nature inspired amenities (see below)

Whether you’re interested in a romantic getaway, or looking for a place to reconnect with yourself, search no further than Golden Gaze B&B for the refreshing oasis of your dreams.

​Our vision for Golden Gaze stands upon 5 core values:

Because our B&B would be built upon the above values and Anti-Oppression practices, we would be diligent in maintaining a healthy, beneficial relationship to the Ktunaxa people Indigenous to the area as well as other locals, to ensure we are helpful and in good standing with our new community and environment.

To read how we will embed these core values into the creation of Golden Gaze, CLICK HERE!

We are Reigh (they, them) and Katie Ring (she/her), the future owners and Golden Gays of Golden Gaze!

Having worked predominantly in the non-profit industry, we know how burned out and undervalued that work can be, and how many of us want to travel to help release some of that stress. We’ve been looking for a Queer and Black centered vacation spot for years–they are hard to come by, which is why we decided to build our own. 

We have been married since 2014 and have a sweet love story, plus a little bit more about each of us and the expertise that we would bring to Golden Gaze, which you can read here!

Being a Queer Interracial couple and the experiences that come with those identities, we have found it to be challenging to find the type of healing oasis that we would like to have in a vacation rental, and we know we aren’t alone.

Picking a destination for a vacation involves researching how 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusive their laws are and what the local perception of Queer and Black people is, in order to decide how safe we are going to be there. Having to consider which trauma or mistreatment you might face while planning a vacation is exhausting, and the furthest thing from relaxing. And we know our Disabled community members experience this each day- having to research if you’ll even be able to access the buildings, or how you’ll be treated once you do, should not have to be a part of your travel checklist.

We know when you prioritize the safety and wellbeing for those who are most vulnerable in our communities, everyone’s safety and wellbeing improves. This means we are committed to making our B&B accessible for our Disabled community members, who are too often unsupported in their travels as well. 

By supporting this cause, you are supporting a business built with the wellbeing, safety, and healing for our marginalized community members in mind, which allows everyone–like you!–to experience the perfect place to reconnect to yourself, loved ones, and to the natural world.




  • Four- 1-Bed/1-Bath, king sized bed cabins of Green Magic Home Dome Houses 
  • Roheenee’s Hippie Haven, a designated smoking space
  • ​Woodburning sauna
  • Lake for canoeing, swimming, and ice skating
  • Mini-market with artisans from QTBIPOC and other local crafters
  • Hammocks at each unit and across the property
  • Yoga/Meditation Sanctuary 
  • Farm-to-table style breakfast
  • Midday munchies served daily
  • Botanical facial steam bar
  • Outdoor gazebo perfect for lounging or outdoor events
  • Luxury spa level, artisan crafted toiletries
  • Fully physically accessible cabins, communal spaces, and amenities 
  • Charcoal grill 
  • Wine and bevies for purchase in communal space
  • Homemade meal kits for purchase
  • Communal dining and lounge space, available for event rental
  • Wifi access
  • Block off days for our sober guests


Local Activities:

We are seeking $300,000 CAD of funding to be able to secure a loan with traditional funders, but have a total need of $2.5 Million CAD, ($1.9 Million USD or roughly 0.0009% of Jeff Bezos’ net worth.)

We believe in having community investment for the future we would like to see, especially for a place that was intentionally built with community accessibility over profit in mind.

In short, if only 30k people gave $10 CAD today, we could begin construction on this oasis! 

For transparency, we encourage everyone to check out our financial breakdown, which includes  expenses for construction, fixtures, furniture, and all other costs we have predicted. Please click here




Because Golden Gaze is in the concept stages, we are offering a mix of perks that are redeemable once we reach our goal, and once we are built. Prices listed in $CAD


  • Redeemable upon meeting funding goal:

    • Personalized postcard from Golden, B.C. to say thank you and encourage you to come visit when you can!
    • Various guided meditations and Enneagram coaching packages with Katie Ring; a certified Deep Coaching Practitioner, with 15 years of Enneagram experience.
  • Redeemable later:

    • Be the among first to enjoy Golden Gaze with pre-paid bookings!
    • Opportunity to rent out the whole place for a private getaway, wedding, or retreat!
    • Luggage tag for 10% off all future stays
    • The opportunity to name a section of Golden Gaze–from a garden bed to our private lake, be a part of the legacy we are building!

If we aren’t successful:

  • If we aren’t lucky enough to fund Golden Gaze through this campaign, funds will be returned to backers, so there’s very low risk to investing today.
  • If your money is returned, we hope you consider redistributing it to an Anti-Oppression related cause, mutual aid, or grassroots organization in your local community.

There aren’t a whole lot of vacation spots owned and operated by Queer and/or Racialized people. Most of the hospitality industry, especially in the travel & tourism sector, has been dominated by people with more social power. 

While we know we can create an environment that would be safe for everyone to enjoy and thrive in, we haven’t received the same treatment in return from the majority of vacation rental spots we’ve been to.

We have been inspired by the way a few select B&B and hostel owners have created warm and nurturing environments for us as a couple over the years and have had enough experiences to know that they were the exceptions to the rule.

Vacations should be restorative, and full of opportunities to feel treated and cared for. At Golden Gaze, we commit to building a place that truly cares for people of all types–one that is explicitly affirming for Queer/Trans, Racialized, Disabled, Fat and/or Polyam folks to feel freer to connect deeply to themselves, their partner(s), and the natural world around us.  

We are encouraged and amazed by how many people have opened their eyes in 2020 to the challenges that Black and Queer people face on the daily. Many are acting on supporting marginalized people in ways they never have before–donating to various social movements and causes to help fight systemic inequalities, talking to their friends and family about the biases and beliefs they share, and educating themselves on topics related to allyship and anti-oppression. We love this and want it to keep going!

One of the only problems with this is that people only tend to do this work and education when there’s been tragedy, such as Breonna Taylor or George Floyd’s murders, or the Pulse Nightclub Shooting–but Black, Queer, and/or Disabled folks have dreams of a safer world that we want to see while we are alive!

Supporting our vision for Golden Gaze B&B means you’re supporting a place of healing, transformation, and connection. It means you’re investing in Queer and Black futures, and helping create a world that is a healthier, more vibrant place for everyone to enjoy and thrive in. 

 To make Golden Gaze come to life it will have to be because our community believes in it and wants to see more places like this exist. We know we aren’t alone! There are thousands of Queer, Racialized, and/or Disabled folks who have a dream just like ours.  When our campaign is successful, we commit to helping those with similar dreams come to life in return, and have already been cross-promoting other causes, artisans, and healers.

As any new business or enterprise comes with risks and challenges, we are prepared to face whatever may try and get in the way of realizing our dream.

While owning a business that involves housing people might have other maintenance challenges down the road, there are very few challenges we foresee impacting our ability to open an amazing and affirming B&B.

The biggest challenge we have anticipated is the initial funding–which is why you are here! As a young, Queer, Interracial couple, who has predominantly worked in the non-profit and hospitality industries, we have gained the years of experience necessary to manage a successful business, and gained none of the financial capital that is typically rewarded to people who pursue more capitalism-driven industries and/or those who have other privileges that involve wealth. 

Second, is securing the land. The location of Golden, B.C. is idyllic, and tourism has seen a noticeable increase (~7% annually) in the last few years. While there are many beautiful properties available in Golden, B.C, we have our eyes set on a 40+ acre property just a short drive from Golden. We have the funds secured to pay for a down-payment on this land, but didn’t want to purchase a property without knowing if we’d be able to fund the remainder of building. Once we reach our funding goal, we will be able to go forward with land accquizition. There are many properties available nearby, so we are confident this will not be a problem in going forward with this location. But just in case, we are encouraging people to back the vision, not the specific location in case we have to move our project elsewhere in the mountains. 

The last challenge is delayed paperwork. The housing we would provide would be made of sustainable resources using Green Magic Homes, creating both a unique looking, eco-friendly, and long-lasting environment. With sustainability being a top priority, our utilities will be run on renewable energy sources to ensure a more cohesive relationship with our environment. Green magic homes is certified to build in 30+ countries, including the USA, Mexico, and many South American and European nations. The permit process for Canada has been slower due to Covid-19, but they are confident they will have the final necessary approvals to build soon. Should there be any further delays, we will diligently update our backers. Because we would be the first in Canada to build Green Magic Homes, this gives you the opportunity to be among the very first to stay in this unique housing! To read more about Green Magic Homes projects and building certifications, click here. 

Understandably, not everyone is in the position to help out from a financial perspective.

One of the best things you can do is help us spread the word and reach more people than we would have on our own. 

Consider sharing this cause to your social media and/or people in your circles to encourage investment in Queer and Racialized people’s dreams and futures! 

If only 250k people gave 10$ CAD today, roughly the equivalent of 0.0009% of Jeff Bezos’ net worth, we could be funded outright, be able to avoid using traditional funders like banks and be up and running in less than one year. 250k people is less than how many attended the USA’s 45th President’s inauguration, so we know how few of people we need to reach to make this dream come to reality! Please help us by spreading the word! 

Thank you to all who read about, contributed towards, and encouraged the Golden Gaze dream. We can’t wait to host you with all of our gratitude. 

–Reigh and Katie Ring

Illustrations by Ellen Flocke