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May 08, 2022
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Jul 07, 2022

We’ve modernized old school video dating to give users the most relevant potential matches and dating locations


Vintage Dating With A Modern Twist

Here’s to no more endless swiping! Rendezvous uses AI technology to serve you content much like your other favorite social media apps like Tiktok and Instagram. The best part, it’s free to all daters! You can view pictures and additional content on users profiles. But, so you can get a real idea of someone’s personality, our main feed is video (hence the 80s Video Dating reference).  We make it easy to view profiles,  say you’re interested, message, and say you’re not interested in potential partners with our side bar menu. The best part? The more you match and unmatch the more we understand you and the more relevant your potential partners become. Still want the option to search? No problem! We make it easy to find other users you may be interested in! But we don’t just mean aesthetically. Let’s say you’re an avid hiker and you want someone to enjoy that with. Just search “hiking” and we’ll find potential partners near you that also love hiking. 

Once you’ve found someone and you both seem to be interested in each other, it’s no doubt you’ll want to meet. We make that easy too. Rendezvous will partner with local businesses in your area offering special incentives to Rendezvous daters! Perhaps you and your date both love Italian food. Scroll our date deals section and make a reservation right from our app. You’ll both receive confirmation of your date and can even visit the locations website and GPS directions to get there. 

Our goal? To make finding someone who’s exactly what you’re looking for, easy and fun while supporting your local businesses by giving you the deals they want to offer so you can enjoy their establishments while dating.