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Creative Inspirations & Marketing LLC-Christian Minister of Music & other creatives for music production for me & others, books, & film


Short Summary

Hi, my name is Trevia Ricks. I am an ordained Christian minister of music and other creatives. Because of my love and devotion to Christ, I believe that I should do my all to use the talents He has given me for His will and purpose.

Having said that, I have worked on a few projects that are already published and one that I am working on now. In addition to my devotion to Christ, this campaign is so important because it can help heal, deliver, and inspire the masses which is what God wants His children to do in whatever calling we have. Furthermore,  upon the Spirit touching your hearts to give, I believe He will bless you several-fold.

My company is Creative Inspirations & Marketing LLC, and my skills and qualifications include the following: I have been singing for over 40 years, mainly in church and a few school choirs. I have two master’s degrees in business which one of these master’s degrees is in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, and I have a bachelor’s degree in economics. I also have several years of experience in writing. I write short stories, ebooks, songwriting, and articles.

What We Need & What You Get

The two projects already published include writing a song for others which has been submitted to BMI since 2018, and a single that I sent through SongCast in 2017, but it needs to be revamped.  What I need is funding to help with a sound engineer intern for revamping my single, lawyer fees to check the status of my song on BMI, and for songwriting royalties possibly owed to me, publishing fees to publish my first Christian book, and some assistance with marketing and office space. I need at least $6,000 to publish a book with Stanton-House Publication. Other things needed include the following:

  • WeWork Office Space- $600 per month- $7200 per year
  • Marketing and Advertising- $70 per month or $840 per year
  • Lawyer- $5000 retainer
  • 2 part-time employees- $2080 per month- $24,960 per year per employee (or possibly hire temps part-time for $13 per hour for each employee)

The costs associated with the other needs mentioned above include the following:

  • Sound engineer intern- $18 per hour- $630 per week which is $7560 for 3-months to complete this project.
  • Republish my music- $9.99 per month and $2.99 per month through SongCast which is $38.87 per year.

The total cost for all of this is $76,600. However, with Kickstarter fees and taxes, the amount is approximately $94,600.

And if I don’t get all the funds I requested, I will use the funding I raised to work on the projects I already completed and still hire a sound engineer intern and at least one temporary employee.  The temp may only be hired for a few months.

The Impact

With all that we as a society have endured, the masses need spiritual inspiration, healing, and hope. With your contribution, I can successfully complete and publish my work. Not only will you be contributing to people’s healing and spiritual rejuvenation, but you will also contribute to others gaining employment and possibly even more people getting hired as my company grows.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you don’t have the funds to contribute, but you feel compelled and believe in this campaign, please share this information with others on social media. God knows your heart, and He will bless you as you help with spreading the word about this campaign, thanks!