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300 /1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle for you to challenge. Completed codes can key in to create a Snake Game.


Revenge: Jigsaw hell that makes those programmers around you fall apart

Hi, I am the wife of a programmer, and I also often need to work with programmers in my daily job.

Many people think that it is difficult to communicate with programmers. As a programmer’s wife, I must clarify here……their alien languages are really hard to understand!

Although programmers are professional and nice creatures, in order to avenge, I design this puzzle for you to give to those programmers around you, so that they can also taste the hell of coding.

If you don’t know any programmer, you can also challenge it or give it to puzzles-lovers to see if the hell can be overcome.

After completing the puzzle, players can enter the code on a designated website to run the program which is a “Snake Game”. There are two options, 300 pieces (38.5 x 26.5cm [+/-1cm]) and 1000 pieces (50.5 x 75.5cm [+/-1cm]), supporters can choose what they want through different tiers.

I have made a copy of 300 pieces puzzle and my alien husband spent around 4 hours to complete it. He fell apart and I felt so happy. 🙂

Please support!