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Arenberg have created the world’s first performance cycling helmet with an integrated camera and live video streaming capabilities.


Road Helmet One is the world’s first performance cycling helmet with integrated streaming camera technology. 

Road Helmet One is a category defining smart helmet integrating camera technology that can easily record and share your cycling experiences. Until now riders have had to attach action cameras to their bikes or bodies via bracket systems which creates a suboptimal aesthetic for the rider and often resulting in shaky video footage captured by the camera. Large files end up on SD cards and often are never edited, or the rider just doesn’t bother setting up a camera at all and ride experiences become just memories. 

Road Helmet One (Patent Pending)  is a stunning combination of inspired design, race weight construction and ground breaking wearable technology that delivers hands free in-ride content creation and simple social sharing like never before. Take the helmet on your local bunch rides or capture the intensity of race day. Record your favourite descents or scenic sections of your rides, or you may want to document an epic riding holiday.

Designed for Road Cyclists and XC Mountain bikers RH-1 can capture/record high quality images, video and livestream video via a small but powerful lens and image sensor mounted discreetly into the front of the helmet. Footage is saved to a removable SD memory card, and / or live streamed, and can be used with card readers and used for any purpose such as editing and sharing manually with your preferred applications. Image stabilisation comes in the form of an AI driven digital gyro providing incredibly smooth moving imagery. Coupled with the camera mounted on your head, a natural stabiliser we believe it provides high quality image capture in a compact integrated system.

Road Helmet One connects to EYE Live App to control Road Helmet One settings, edit images and videos and share easily to EYE and other social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Filming and sharing content with Road Helmet One and EYE is easy and safe to do on the move. There are four ways you can control the camera system using either touch control or through voice control. The EYE platform effortlessly manages the recorded content allowing you to stream live or share after your ride. 

1 – EYE App (Touch Control)

EYE App is a social network and Camera controller in one. Manage your camera settings and control the helmet camera via EYE either Live or later.

2 – Handlebar Remote (Touch Control)

Road Helmet One will come with an optional handlebar remote that sits next to the users hands and provides easy and safe access to shoot video and images while on the move.

3 – Apple Watch (Voice + Touch Control)

Using an Apple Watch Road Helmet One can be controlled by voice without the rider removing their hands from the handlebars or via touch similar to the handlebar remote. 

4 – Onboard Helmet (Touch Control)

The camera can also be controlled by ergonomically placed tactile rubber buttons that are situated on the back of the helmet. A rider can momentarily touch the buttons to control recording while on the move or set before riding.

Please Note: The helmet in this video is a working prototype for technical demonstration. The final product for market will have a higher quality finish, precise graphics and branding application and improved interface audio for production release.

Road Helmet One combines the features of a high-end performance helmet and quality Action Camera into a light-weight integrated solution. The integrated design also ensures that the helmet is not structurally compromised on impact by 3rd party camera brackets, causing potential injury to the rider in the event of an accident.

The image controls, chipboard and battery are centrally positioned front and rear for balance. The camera system adds just 100 grams to the helmet ensuring a lightweight race-worthy solution. Licensed MIPS® brain protection system provides additional safety attributes making RH-1 highly functional with maximum protection.

RH-1 Helmet Specifications

  • Worldwide standards approved race weight road cycling helmet (CPSC, ASTM F1447 Bicycle helmets, EN CE 1078 Bicycle helmets, AS / NZS 2063:2008)
  • Light weight circa 375 grams, subject to final production weight
  • Integrated action sport camera
  • MIPS® Brain Protection system
  • 2 x Sizes: Medium 52-58cm (20 15/32 – 22 53/64 inch)  and Large 59-62cm (23 15/64 – 24 13/32 inch) via fully adjustable retention system.
  • Optimised Airflow
  • Weather Sealed
  • Sunglasses retention vents
  • Ergonomic Controls

RH-1 Camera Specifications

  • AI driven Image Stabilisation
  • Sony CMOS Image Sensor
  • Up to 12 Megapixel still shots
  • 4K @30fps, 1080p @90fps
  • 720p/30fps Live streaming
  • Removable SD card
  • Live stream facility (to EYE, YouTube)
  • Re-chargeable Lithium-ion battery 
  • Up to 3hrs of continuous video streaming / recording per charge
  • USB–C charger and file transfer
  • Handlebar mounted remote control
  • WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity for smart phone and remote control

Road Helmet One has been in development for almost three years with a design and engineering team collaborating from Australia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The design process has been centred around making a helmet that would compete with the market’s top regular performance helmets in terms of features, aesthetics and production quality. Then we looked at how we could best integrate the camera system discreetly and safely. We have developed a cutting-edge minimal design, striking the perfect balance between visual form and functionality.                                                                                                                                                                               

Working closely with engineers and FEA testing labs, we have designed the helmet so that the hardware enclosures meet global safety standards and do not affect the integrity of the helmets structure on impact.

We have also partnered with MIPS® and integrated their proprietary brain protection system, making Road Helmet One, one of the safest helmets on the market.                                                                                     

EYE Live App

EYE is a social network created to share those personal sports moments that get you pumped.

For the riders, the skiers, the runners, the doers, the daredevils, the wave-chasing up-at-sunrisers, the beginners, the masters, the gifted, the triers – EYE is for anyone who lives for that daily fix of sports-fuelled euphoria.

EYE connects you with a crew who share your passion, and lets you broadcast all your memorable moments LIVE or prerecorded.

Challenge yourself and your fellow pump junkies to take your skills to the next level. That’s how you earn bragging rights! Unlock those one-off moments doing the sports you love, and make sure they live on forever with EYE. 

Road Helmet One – Made for EYE

Road Helmet One is optimised to work with EYE to control the camera, stream live or on demand and to easily edit and share your content quickly with EYE and other social networks.              

EYE Live App Features

  •  Edit & Share RH-1 Content. Images and videos captured with RH-1 can be easily accessed, edited and shared to the EYE network as well as to other social networks including Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.
  •  Stream Live. Livestream with Arenberg Road Helmet One, Android or iOS smartphone to EYE and feel the buzz of sharing your sporting stories as they happen, no matter how big or small they might be.
  •  Overlay activity data. EYE lets you easily overlay key data from popular sports training and tracking apps such as Strava which give your friends and community a new and unique context for your photos and videos.
  •  Get Pumped. Hit the Fist Pump button associated with videos and posts if you like what you see, and show a vote of respect for your fellow EYE community members.
  •  Watch Player. Find great content and new accounts to follow in the Watch video channel.
  •  Tag people and gear. EYE provides the ability to easily tag people and sports gear in posts providing a powerful way to find the content and brands you love.

 Download EYE today

You don’t need Road Helmet One right away to use EYE Live. You can download the app now, create your channel and start creating and sharing your sports experiences. EYE is available for both iOS and Android on the links below.  

Arenberg is a sports technology company headquartered in Sydney Australia. However the team of management, project leaders, designers and engineers are based all over the globe, spanning Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

Our team has extensive experience in hardware and software design and an innate passion for sport with cycling being a focus point. This combined experience and knowledge places us well to identify innovation opportunities in the market and to be able to execute and deliver projects of this complexity.                                                                                                                                                  

If you are interested in supporting us by sharing this project with the world we have created a press kit that you can download directly from the link below.

The kit contains the following:

  • Editable One page press release document
  • Product and lifestyle images pack
  • Link to embeddable Vimeo Video

Fit Guide

Road Helmet One comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. The Arenberg adjustable retention system provides sufficient flexibility to fit most head sizes and provide a comfortable and secure fit.                

Why Kickstarter?

We know that Kickstarter is a vibrant community that supports bold ideas that have real market application.We have spent several years developing this product and we are now confident that it’s ready to go to market. Road Helmet One can change the way cyclists record and share their ride experiences. Raising $98k or more will allow us to green light mass production and bring it to the world as quickly as possible. 


Road Helmet One will ship to just about anywhere on the planet. We have 3 main distribution hubs – UK, China, Australia.

The table below sets out freight estimates for RH-1 shipping. Note that freight prices remain disproportionately high due to COVID. Closer to dispatch time we will provide you with exact shipping costs and times and we are hopeful prices will fall.                                                                                       

Wholesale & Retail Enquiries

Arenberg welcomes enquiries from interested retailers. The product launches in March 2020 and we will be accepting wholesale orders from early 2021.

Enquiries should be directed to wholesale@arenberg.co