$295,000 raised out of $500,000
Start date
Dec 01, 2018
Close date
Mar 31, 2020

Digital service that connects & informs families of their elderly loved ones well-being while they’re living independently..

Internet SAAS market service which pays traditionally 10X multiples


Ring at Home is a pure-play SaaS cloud solution providing low cost digital, subscription-based service that connects and informs families and friends about the well-being of their elderly loved one living alone.

Assistance & monitoring of critical care issues

  • Wellness check-in calls, appointment and medication reminders
  • Phase II – Planned 360°coverage including fall detection, emergency response and health monitoring

Advanced Digital Technology

  • Enterprise scalable digital platform
  • IoT Integrations – Alexa, Apple Watch, Wearables
  • Unparalleled customization & scalability

Affordable and Easy to Use @ $10/mo.

  • No Hardware costs
  • Simplicity of use with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Gross Margins between 80% and 90%


B2B and White Label Business model