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Apr 18, 2024
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Dynamic Blood Pressure Monitoring | Tracks 14+Measurements | 18K Gold, Titanium, Ceramic


In the realm of heart health, blood pressure stands out as a critical indicator. With the current trend of cardiovascular issues affecting younger demographics, it’s imperative for people to prioritize their blood pressure health. However, among the readily available wearable health devices, options for blood pressure monitoring are either limited or expensive.

Drawing upon a robust foundation in medical expertise, Lefy has achieved a breakthrough with Ring X smart ring, offering convenient and intelligent blood pressure monitoring through a single wearable ring.

Ring X provides groundbreaking dynamic blood pressure monitoring. Experience continuous, real-time insights into your blood pressure variations. Our advanced technology offers a deeper understanding of your cardiovascular health with precise, reliable measurements.


Thanks to the Photoplethysmography (PPG) technology, Ring X will capture subtle changes in blood flow within the body’s blood vessels, enabling the estimation of blood pressure values.

Even during sleep, Ring X automatically monitors your body’s vital signs at intervals you’ve set. Stay informed about your body’s changes round the clock and enjoy uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

The quality of sleep significantly impacts daily activities. Ring X monitors body conditions during each sleep cycle, analyzes sleep quality and provides professional advice. Compared to smartwatches, Ring X offers a less intrusive presence, minimizing discomfort associated with wearing. Enhance sleep quality for a better overall life experience.

Ring X boasts advanced motion tracking capabilities with a variety of built-in sensors, providing precise monitoring of your physical activity data including step count, distance traveled, and calorie expenditure. This intelligent ring allows you to effortlessly monitor the details of your exercise routine, offering a comprehensive analysis of your movement data.

Ring X also excels in monitoring your physiological data, including heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. This comprehensive tracking enables the assessment of your mental stress and fatigue levels, providing personalized health advice 24/7.

The Temperature Management feature of Ring X tracks body temperature to alert you of underlying issues and enhance well-being.

Discover tranquility and boost your immune system with Ring X. Integrated meditation modes and health recommendations in the accompanying app provides guidance on stress reduction to help foster a serene and healthy lifestyle.

RingX’s cycle tracking feature offers a seamless way to understand and monitor your menstrual cycle. It tracks patterns, predicts periods, and alerts to irregularities, enabling better planning and symptom management.

As an essential part of everyday wear, rings are not only about aesthetics but also performance. Thanks to LEFY’s innovative inner ceramic technology, the appearance of Ring X can unlock more possibilities. We introduce the Ring X 18K Gold version, blending cutting-edge fashion trends with intelligent technology. Crafted with genuine 18K gold, its exquisite exterior will elevate your daily style.

In this Kickstarter campaign, we’re offering three options for the outer ring in different materials and colors. These include the skin-friendly and comfortable black ceramic, the sleek and stylish sound titanium steel, and the fashionable and eye-catching 18K gold version.

All variations of Ring X feature an inner ring made of ceramic material, ensuring users a comfortable wearing experience.

In this Indiegogo campaign, we offer Ring X in sizes 7-12.

Wearing the ring too tight or too loose can affect measurement accuracy. To ensure the best fit, after the campaign concludes, we will first send sizing tools to contributors to confirm the most suitable ring size. Then, we will collect everyone’s size preferences through an additional survey and send out Ring X in the corresponding sizes.

For now, you can use the following chart to roughly determine if Ring X has a suitable size for you.

If you’d like to grab 2 or more Ring X smart rings, you can add them through Add-ons. We offer discounted shipping for multiple Ring X units.

LEFY stands as a trailblazer in the digital health arena, originating from Shenzhen, China, under the leadership of Dr. Lin Jiangfeng and a team boasting 14 years of experience. We’ve forged strategic partnerships with industry titans like Omron, AND, and Amazon Web Services, amassing over 80 patents in the digital health domain, all aimed at driving transformation.

Focusing on research and promotion, LEFY is committed to digitizing monitoring and services for public health through cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts. Our product range spans dynamic blood pressure wearables, multi-parameter detection systems, and more, catering to integrated health monitoring needs.

In Hong Kong, our global design center merges technology with fashion, birthing innovative products like the Watch X, Bra X, and Ring X series. Yet, we’re more than innovators; we’re catalysts for social impact. Through philanthropy and support, we’re shaping a healthier future.