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Sep 16, 2020
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Oct 31, 2020

Bringing my Mac & Cheese from the kitchen to a food truck


My Story 

It all started one weekend with my baseball team. We were having a Sunday cookout, and I had signed myself up for providing the mac & cheese. I immediately called my mom who had an amazing family recipe for mac and boy did I deliver! The compliments that day on my mom’s mac are what inspired my dream – Mac Daddy’s Gourmet Mac & Cheese. 

I fell in love with cooking. From the ingredients (minus the cleaning) to the final product, food brings people together, and food makes people HAPPY. After making my mom’s mac I wanted to make it even better. I began cooking more routinely, trying out new flavors of mac and letting my family be my test subjects. Every single time, I grew happier, in the kitchen and with my product. I’ve perfected my top 5 flavors and I’m still making more! 

The next step in the journey was brought to you by quarantine. With all the extra time saved from commuting to and from work, I was able to cook more. On my weekends, I’d make my mac, and sell it to friends who later told their friends about it and now my dream of opening up a Mac Daddy’s food truck seems more possible than ever. The support is there, the passion in the kitchen is there, but like all projects, funding is important. I started cooking more frequently and began a fund for my food truck. 

Kickstarter is an amazing opportunity to get closer to that Mac Daddy food truck dream. I’ve fed Mac Daddy’s locally but I want to reach everyone in the nation! I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish with this campaign and I hope you can help spread the word to all food lovers everywhere.