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Extremely delicate mini articulated wooden robot model



  • A 5 cm tall mini articulated wooden robot model
  • Built with newly designed micro stainless steel joints – highly posable
  • Capable of showing 9 facial expression combos by rotating the upper face (3 eye-sets) and lower face (3 mouths) controlled by the gears on back head
  • Gemstone bead on the chest is rotatable and can be replaced easily
  • Strong magnets inside the back and soles let Robot-MA stick to many metal materials (e.g., refrigerator’s surface)
  • Made of premium hard maple and stainless steel
  • Food-grade wood wax finish keeps the wood’s endurance
  • A carefully handcrafted product 

Creation of Robot-MA

Although our last Kickstarter campaign: Robot-GB was a great success, after making hundreds of Robot-GBs and received many comments from the backers, we knew that there’s still a lot of room for improvement: appearance, function, joint mobility and durability, product quality stability, etc. We were very eager to upgrade the little robot to the next level. After months of redesign work, every component has been attentively recreated in detail. Finally, Robot-MA was born!

What’s new? (MA over GB)

  • The body proportions are modified, poses are more human-like.
  • Enhanced stainless steel joints are more durable. Flexibility of wrist, waist, shoulders and ankles are increased. The tightness of ALL the joints can be adjusted.
  • More layers of wood let the surface has more room for panel lines engravings and all the nuts can be embedded to the wood.
  • Waist engraving is introduced and open for personalization.
  • Rotation of face plates is controlled by the gears on back head. It is more convenient and the tightness is adjustable.   

  • Back magnet is enclosed by wood to prevent possible loosening when sticking on metal surface for a long time. It is upgraded from N35 to N52.
  • Magnets inside the soles let It stands on many metal surfaces firmly. There will be an option for you to choose Lego compatible soles instead of magnetic soles in the survey.   

  • Gemstone bead on the chest can be replaced easily with the help of a toothpick. Extra beads are available for order in the Add-ons section. 

Robot-MA exclusive box

A good packaging box to us must be unique in style, easy to open/close and fully protect the product while displaying it very well. Instead of buying ready made box and adding props to hold the robot, this time we design and build our own box for Robot-MA. This lighter style box is made of solid wood and transparent acrylic. There are magnets inside to assist securing the opening and holding Robot-MA. (The color of the wood may be different for every box because we will use our various kinds of solid woods in stock to make it.)

Customize your Robot-MA

As a backer of this project, you will receive your Robot-MA customized. Please refer to the figures below, choose 3 eye-sets, 3 mouths and a gemstone bead for each Robot-MA. We will collect your choices in the survey at the end of the campaign. In case your instructions are unclear to us, we will give you the defaults, which are E01, E02, E03, M01, M02, M03 for faces and G01: Opal – fire & snow for gemstone bead. 

Choose 3 eye-sets and 3 mouths for each Robot-MA

Click to view an video clip of more detailed gemstone beads

For the waist engraving, you can choose among the 6 symbols we’ve already prepared, or enter your desired character(s) (1-2 alphabets or 1 Asian character) in the survey. If exceeded the character limit, we will give you W01.

Choose among the 6 symbols or enter yours (1-2 alphabets or 1 Asian character)

Accessory: The MA Wings

In time of war, we don’t want Robot-MA to have any weapon (Robot-MA doesn’t have a built-in secret weapon as Robot-GB does). Sword, gun, shield and cannon are not available any more. We just focused on designing the wings. The newly-designed MA Wings can be magnetically attached to the back of Robot-MA (also compatible with Robot-GB). It is equipped with metal ball joints, which let the wings to be moved freely. There are panel lines engravings which match the style of Robot-MA. An exclusive box, like the style of the Robot-MA box, will be packaged with the wings. You can select The MA Wings in the Add-ons section after choosing a main reward, which requires an additional pledge amount.

The final release of the series

We had been developing this “turning face” mini robot series for the past 3 years. From Robot-TF to Robot-GB, we didn’t put them on any other online platform outside Kickstarter for sale. (Any website claims they have these robots for sale is scam.) It was because producing such sophisticated handmade wooden products requires prolonged concentration of the craftsman, pricing would be challenging to pay the cost when producing in very small batch. We have no plan to sell Robot-MA after this campaign yet, even if we decide to sell on certain platforms, the price will be higher.

Robot-MA is our best work so far, don’t miss the chance to own this “unique of its kind” little robot!