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Stop that horrible mess and prevent those nasty spills and smells in your refrigerator today!


After years of feeding our pug dog ‘Bentley’, we grew sick and tired of the all the annoying problems associated with storing our dog roll in the refrigerator. The lack of storage options available, the constant battle with all the sticky mess & smells when it came to feeding and the potential hygiene problems all called for a better solution.

Lets be honest, the fridge is where most of our yummy food goes and at times It can be full to the brim with those fresh veggies, nana’s famous banana cake and little Billy’s baby food… Even though we love our little furry friends, it doesn’t sound like a place we really want to be storing our dog rolls next to all the family’s food, which is when we came up with ‘Roll Mate’.

Roll Mate is the number one no-frills dog roll container designed especially for you and your best mate. Included with your Roll Mate is the purpose made feeding tool nicknamed the ‘Paw’ which helps make feeding your dog clean and easy.


We had three things in mind when designing Roll Mate. Something that was practical, safe & affordable. It’s sleek minimalist design means it doesn’t take up any more room in the refrigerator than it needs to and its flat base ensures its not rolling around into places you don’t want it.

Sizes to suit everyone’s best mate

Roll Mate is available in 3 different sizes which caters for most dog roll sizes available on the market. Each Paw  (feeding tool) has also been sized to suit your dog roll whether that’s  big or small.

How it works

We know everyone has their own preferred ways of feeding their dogs, however we really wanted to help simplify the whole process which is why we also designed ‘The Paw’ to go with your Roll Mate. A feeding tool that would not only help reduce the need for touching or handling the dog roll but also eliminate the need for any knives.


 No more sharp bits!

We wanted to make it easy for the whole family no matter who’s job it is in the family to feed your four legged friend so we’ve eliminated all the sharp bits and pieces.

Cleaning made easy!

We know cleaning can be a chore so rest assure we had you in mind and used a special rated food grade polypropylene which makes it dishwasher safe!

 Campaign Colours


Stretch Goals

The Team.

We’re two brothers from New Zealand who love animals and want to help provide a better way of storing dog food in the refrigerator. We’re big on giving back to those four legged furry friends that bring us all so much joy – which is why we need your help!

Where are you in the process?

We’ve known for a long time that we wanted everyone around the world to enjoy the benefits of Roll Mate so after the first 15 months of research and development, we’re now on to our 3rd lot of prototypes and have eliminated all the little problems we encountered along the way to ensure your not left with them.

We have a full range in what has been thoroughly tested but in order to make them for everyone, we need to raise enough funds for the tooling which can produce the range at a bulk level. In order for us to do that we need your help which is why we would love for the Kickstarter family to be the first to receive their very own Roll Mate!

What does your timeline look like?

We know some countries have slowed down due to COVID-19 restrictions so we made sure not only did we have the option of manufacturing these locally but also internationally which means once the campaign ends we can get things moving straight away.

There is a small initial window for the final tooling to be made and then its straight on to producing your Roll Mates. We wanted to ensure everyone received their pledges as fast as possible so we’ve arranged for these to be shipped and stored internationally which will help us speed up the distribution process for everyone. 

Trav has already quit his job to and is working for Roll Mate full-time, Clayt will be following suit be before the campaign has finished. The boys made sure everything from manufacturing to shipping was all thoroughly covered well before coming on Kickstarter and are 100% committed to making sure you aren’t waiting months and months for your pledges to arrive.   

International Backers

We know there are people all over the world with fury four-legged best mates who would love their own Roll Mate – so we wanted to make it clear, we will be shipping our products world-wide!

We’ve arranged to have our products stored and sent from large fulfillment centers worldwide. This allows us to shorten delivery times but also reduce the overall shipping cost for each pledge. 

We look forward to hearing from you and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support – it truly means the world and we really cant wait for you all to enjoy the benefits of Roll Mate when next storing a dog roll in your refrigerator!

Stop that horrible mess and prevent those nasty spills and smells in your refrigerator today!