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300g Capacity | 5 Auto Profile Presets| Smokeless| Cooling Auto Kicks in | Save Money on Coffee Cost


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Before & After

Before: Coffee lovers are limited to pre-ground coffee or inconsistent home roasting attempts.

After: At-home brewers can unlock the full potential of coffee with precise, customizable, and enjoyable roasting experiences–all from the comfort of their own kitchen.

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Skip the trip to your local café and cozy up with an artisanal brew at home! With its user-friendly design, advanced features, and compact size, the Roma Pro brings slippers-clad coffee lovers the delight of baristaquality coffee in comfort.

Cheers to savoring every last drop of your morning cup of joe!

Advanced Roasting Technology: Advanced sensors allow for experimentation with different bean origins, roasting times, and flavor profiles. Flavor Replication: Comprehensive record-keeping allows for precise flavor replication and consistent quality.

User-Friendly Modes: Automatic and manual modes cater to both beginners and connoisseurs, allowing users to enjoy freshly roasted coffee in mere minutes.

The Roma Pro excels in versatility, making it the ideal choice for home brewing aficionados, cupping enthusiasts, or simply enjoying a cherished cup with friends and family.

Manual modes are crafted to satisfy everyone from beginners to connoisseurs. Enjoy the luxury of savoring freshly roasted coffee within minutes. Perfect your coffee crafting experience with unmatched ease and precision.

Unlock your ideal roast with five levels of customization, ensuring the perfect shade from light to dark with every brew. This precision control guarantees your coffee is exactly how you love it, every single time.

Bid farewell to the world of stale, pre-ground coffee with our innovative “Roasted on” feature, moving beyond the imprecise “best by” dates. You’re now in complete control, capable of dialing in the exact roast level for a fresher, richer flavor experience. Elevate every cup with unmatched quality and taste, as you take the helm of your coffee’s journey from bean to brew.

Forget the hassle of cleaning up after your daily roast easy clean-up with no bean residue left behind.  Sustainability-minded users will appreciate the ability to tailor batch sizes, as this avoids unnecessary waste.

Transform your kitchen into a boutique roastery with the Roma Pro: the ultimate home coffee roasting experience. Designed for coffee lovers of all levels–from novices to experienced baristas–this product brings the art and science of coffee roasting to your countertop.

The Roma Pro offers a distinctive clear crack sound and exceptional visibility, crafted specifically for the home setting. It simplifies the roasting process, making it not only easy but also enjoyable and gratifying.

Users have the flexibility to adjust their batch sizes from 50g to 300g, making it perfect for all coffee enthusiasts. Roast daily for peak freshness or prepare a large batch in one weekly session.

With the ability to enjoy freshly roasted beans in fewer than ten minutes, hard-working coffee lovers will have more time to savor the brew.

Personalized Coffee Experience: The journey from the first crack to a French roast opens up a new dimension of coffee exploration at home.

Elevate every cup with unmatched quality and taste, as you take the helm of your coffee’s journey from bean to brew.

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