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An R-rated graphic novel telling a dark sci-fi story of two ronins turned bounty hunters.



Ronin of Okane Volume 3 cover by Guy W. Dilok, Shin Kawa and Jeng J. Sriprat.

RONIN OF OKANE Volume 3 is an explicit Graphic Novel for fans of Cyberpunk and Japanese Folklore.

Nyx, the cyberpunk girl with a thousand pasts, sets out on a dangerous journey through the Hidoi desert, chased by bounty hunters. Seeking an undefeated warrior who lives in a desert temple.

Noguchi Michio. Ronin turned bounty hunter, searching for “The Futsunomiyama”. The kantana that glides through metal, when held by the right master.

In a city where everyone has a secret, Noguchi can trust no one. Yet someone knows who he truly is…

Ronin of Okane page, showing the bounty hunter gang in the cyberpunk world.

  • R-rated Comic: No holding back. This is truly a graphic novel, with explicit sex, violence, and language. Okane is a rough city, and we won’t candy-coat the details for you.
  • Strikingly Beautiful: A bright and vibrant color palette in contrast to the darkness of the tale that unfolds, sure to inspire envy and delight when placed conveniently in the sightline of friends and family.
  • Strong Characters: Moral conflict. Unwavering foes. Impossible odds. We aim to tell a tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

If you love savage fight scenes, and intense characters with mysterious backstories like Wolverine and John Wick, the Ronin of Okane just might be your new favorite heroes.

In Okane where money means everything, no one is safe from these skilled bounty hunters.

Who is this old ramen shopkeeper in the middle of Hidoi desert? Ken is about to find out.

Okane, a city where life is cheap and crime syndicates rule, bounties are business as usual for the assassins in Okane.

After the raid on Ichiba tower, Noguchi was given a book written in clues, his reward from the most powerful man in the city. It points to the tale of the legendary sword, “The Futsunomiyama”, that it will reveal Noguchi’s true purpose.

But there is more than one legend told throughout the empire. An undefeated warrior who lives in a desert temple. Nyx, the girl with a thousand pasts, sets out on a dangerous journey through the Hidoi desert, chased by bounty hunters.

Okane is not just a place of riches and hi-tech. There are cults against cybernetics that are flourishing. Some have seen the result of the Body Purists’ obsession in Kaiko District. Those unfortunate enough to enter never live to tell the tale.

To unravel the mysteries of their past, Noguchi and Nyx will venture into places familiar to only the daring… and the foolish.

Nyx, our sassy bounty hunter, is getting her own bike and She is ready to face against whoever is in her way.

70 full-color pages make up the main story of RONIN OF OKANE Volume 3. Follow Noguchi and Nyx as they explore the underbelly of a bad city gone worse.

The Making of Ronin of Okane, features 20 pages of bonus content, with creator commentary, early sketches, and insight into the mythological background that inspired this unique fantasy landscape.

10K: We are adding 13 more pages to the making-of-section, showcasing sketches, character designs, and all artists’ commentary. That would be a total of 33 pages this time, making it the thickest Making of Section we have ever done!

15K: Up next, we have made a special Japanese-style envelope to wrap the book and all rewards together, creating an experience of receiving a gift from an old Samurai friend outside of Okane. And he has a great taste in packaging.

20K: We have increased the height of the Nyx figurine from 15cm to 20cm! This way, you can stand a bit further and still see Nyx pointing her cyber pistol at you, ready to blow your head off!

Ronin of Okane was born from a love of the neon-soaked cyberpunk aesthetic and the beauty of Japanese folklore.

At Cyber Sheep Studios, we believe comic books and graphic novels are unbeatable mediums for storytelling and world-building. With the unique voices of our artists and writers who come together, we’ve pushed ourselves to create a world rich with history and environments that reinforce the story and its characters.

The Tanuki is making a comeback in the third book. His tech and back massage skills are upgraded too.


Our previous project, Ronin of Okane Volume 1-2 raised 37k on Kickstarter thanks to our amazing backers. We also produced an animated short film called Noguchi’s Bell which smashed the 33k Kickstarter goal and got selected to be featured in Shorts Shorts Film Festival in Japan!

Here are some of the review quotes:

Impsider Reviews: “Technically brilliant and delightfully tongue-in-cheek, this is a mind-blowingly accomplished animated short that is a credit to its creators – and to Dreams. Noguchi’s Bell – Episode 1 is not just an astonishingly well-made short in its own right. This is a new benchmark for quality animation in Dreams that will surely inspire many other creators to push the limits of their ability, team up with like-minded talent in the Dreamiverse – and, above all, to have fun with it. ”
GamesRadar+ Article: “The whole project is a beautiful realization of older Samurai films, but also animation like Kubo and the Two Strings. The facial and camera manipulation is a cut above what you would expect to see from something designed on a PlayStation console, and a really stunning showcase of what Dreams can achieve.”

The ruined city of Kaiko. What kind of creature lives in this place?

  • MICHAEL PACHIDAMRONG: Cyber Sheep Studios Founder from Asia. The director of RONIN OF OKANE and the animated series Noguchi’s Bell.
  • ANTOINE GEHIN: Cyber Sheep Studios Founder from France. Antoine wears many hats in the team, from handling our accounts and running our social media, to editing and composing music for our Kickstarter videos!
  • KEN COLLINS: Kenneth is a novelist, musician, and screenwriter with 3 published fantasy novels, and he’s on our team as a writer of Ronin of Okane!
  • GUY W. DILOK: Thailand-based illustrator is a freelance artist with a deep love for cyberpunk genre. He is a man behind our art style.
  • PHURI WONGSUK (NOTE): Asia-based inker. Note has loved painting models since he was young. He studied as an art major and continue making the art he loves as an inker.
  • SHIN KAWA: Asia-based background artist. Shin loves every project he’s worked on. And he always pours his heart into every piece of work.
  • JENG J. SRIPRAT: Asia-based Colorist. His works include designing tattoos, album covers, and graffiti for street art festivals. He loves to create vibrant art and work on a challenging projects.
  • TATSUYA KUMANO: Our indispensable Japanese Consultant, Tatsuya gives us guidance and insight into Japanese culture, helping us to faithfully represent its world, people, and stories.

Why Indiegogo?

At Cyber Sheep Studios, we love the way Indiegogo puts us in close contact with our fans and invites them to support creators directly, and sometimes inspire and be a part of those creations.

The more support we can raise, the farther we can push our quality. We have a huge vision for creating the most stunning RONIN OF OKANE Indiegogo Edition possible, and with your support, we can bring that dream to life.

Shipping Price


As this campaign launches, the content of the book is 100% complete. When we end our Kickstarter campaign, we will place our orders in a printing house in Thailand. We plan to have the book and rewards printed and shipped as soon as the campaign ends.

Risks and challenges

Our previous campaign (Ronin of Okane Volume 1 & 2) was a big success for us. With all the confidence from our fans, we decided to finish the third volume before we launch this project to shorten the printing and shipping process. Our book is 100% completed and ready for printing. We’re also open to suggestions from fans and interested parties. Our IndieGoGo inbox is always open. However, these projects are not without risks. There might be slight changes to the product materials or designs due to changes in art direction. And should there be any changes in the supply chain of raw materials, then our current schedule may be revised.