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Sep 09, 2020
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Nov 08, 2020

Support our startup. LGBTQ and Women-owned business. E-retail, in trend fashion with a sustainable process and humane retailing systems


Rosy Outlook: E-Retail with a Purpose

LGBTQ and Women/Best Friends – owned business. We love and support all colors, genders, shapes, and sizes.

We’re champions of new, ethical ways of doing business. Our passion is to deliver trendy fashion and self-love products, that value sustainable manufacture with high quality at reachable prices. Our products are made by real people 80% sources in the USA and 20% sources in small communities around the world, giving them new ways to sustain themselves and their communities. Isn’t it time we put people over profits? 

Our Story

Rosy Outlook was created with the mission of looking at e-retail through rose-colored glasses. While most retailers look to turn a profit, what if those profits could be reinvested mainly in the USA and small communities around the world to help them thrive? What if a business could bring small-scale, sustainable product manufacturing opportunities to support the US manufacture and in economically disadvantaged and small regions across the globe and give them ways to build a brighter future?

Instead of just asking these questions, we’re responding with both answers and actions to transform the space of e-retail by using it to add value to humanity and to the environment. 

Lock arms with us and help us make the dream of community-based e-retail with a heart a reality. By supporting us you are supporting the manufacture with zero-waste policy, eco-friendly material, and human equality. 

More Humane Retailing Systems? It’s About Time.

More so than other moments in history, people are becoming more conscious of where they buy their products and where the profits go. Consumers want products that are unique and well-crafted, but that are also ethically sourced. They want to know they are buying from brands and people that abide by sustainable practices and are enriching humanity for the better.

We believe in all of these things, too. That’s why we created an e-retail platform that will allow us to bring this model to the world.

Our goal is to create an online space that will give small communities across new opportunities to produce unique lifestyle goods through small, sustainable manufacturing operations. These operations will help community members create valuable income that will help both them and their communities thrive.

When fully scaled up, we plan to have team members who will research small communities across the USA and the globe. By visiting them to talk about a partnership opportunity with Rosy Outlook. Once a community partner with us, we will help them establish small-batch manufacturing processes to help them craft goods such as jewelry and clothing to sell via our online site. 10% of the profits will be donated to charitable causes and the communities we work with, all while giving people of our partner communities job opportunities they can be proud of and more economic stability for their regions.

What’s Next?

We have created our retail platform at Rosy Outlook (https://shoprosyoutlook.com/) and have our business plan in place. But in order to fully scale up our efforts, we need to raise funds.

The funds we raise during this startup phase will be utilized for researching and traveling to communities we can partner with, setting up small-batch manufacturing locations, training communities on sustainable manufacturing processes, purchasing supplies needed to craft goods, and more. The more funds we raise, the more communities we can impact and help bring economic stability.

To do this, we have various levels of pledges you can make as well as incentives such as gift certificates to use on our site in addition to high-quality, handcrafted jewelry that is ethically sourced.

Help us bring more humanity to the world of manufacturing and retail.