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A new “Patent Pending” rotating platform that slowly rotates a live or artificial Christmas Tree and other items


How It All Started

This all started during the Christmas holiday of 2017.  My wife spent days decorating the entire Christmas tree, front, and back.  But, there was no way to see the ornaments that were on the backside of the tree.  

That’s when I began searching for a rotating platform.  

All the ones that were available were:

(1) not large enough to support a large Christmas tree stand or

(2) large enough but did not have a way to provide electricity for the Christmas tree lights.  

That’s when I decided to create my own rotating platform.  

After three years of working with engineers refining the design, I came up with Round-About360.  

Its sleek design and low profile make it a perfect product for rotating a Christmas tree or just about anything else you would like to display.  

It makes a perfect serving platform for those large dinner gatherings.  Its uses are practically endless.

What is Round-About360?

Round-About360 is a new “Patent Pending” rotating platform that slowly rotates a live or artificial Christmas tree (or other items) 360 degrees in either direction. You place your own Christmas tree and stand directly in the center of the platform. The rotating platform is controlled by a handheld remote control (included).  

For those hard-to-reach areas where electricity is not available, the Round-About360 can run up to 8 hours with its built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries.

Please note that this platform supports Christmas tree stands that are a maximum of 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter.  For larger Christmas tree stands, you can purchase a larger top platform that can support Christmas tree stands up to 26 inches (66.04 cm).

 Round-About360 Components/Parts   

The following components are included with each order:

1) Round-About360 rotating platform

2) Remote Control – Controls the entire unit

3) Power cord – AC power to the unit

4) Electrical Outlet extension cord – The male end plugs into the top of the rotating platform and the female end is looped around the trunk of the Christmas tree 

First Working Prototype 

This is an image of the first working prototype that was developed in 2018.  It was created using a 3D printer.  This prototype is still being used to display our yearly Christmas tree.

Current CAD Drawing  

 After three years of working with designers and engineers, the Round-About360 was created.  Notice the difference between the two prototypes.  The latest design is over a half-inch shorter and has additional features that the first prototype didn’t have like an LED display across the side, and the option to run on batteries.  These are just a few of the features that are built into the current prototype.

CAD drawing of the current prototype 

This is an image of the current CAD drawing.  Notice how much detail went into developing the latest design.  Each layer is a separate injection mold.  The new design will require eight separate injection molds to create the finished product.

Optional: Larger Top Platform

Purchase a larger 26 inch (66.04 cm) platform that will fit over the existing platform.  This will allow customers to use a larger diameter Christmas tree stand.

This is used for Christmas tree stands that are larger than 20-inches in diameter.  This 26-inch diameter platform will fit over the existing 20-inch diameter platform.  It can also be used as a larger serving platform. 

Optional: 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

For an additional charge, customers can purchase a three (3) year manufacturer’s warranty if the product stops working under normal wear and tear.  Damages caused by excessive weight on the product will not be covered.  Any other damages not related to the manufacturer’s warranty will not be covered.

Electrical Outlet Extension Cord 

One end of the electrical outlet extension cord plugs into the recessed electrical outlet located on the top of the platform.  And, the other end attaches to the tree trunk with the provided hook and loop attachment.  The lights are then plugged into the attached electrical outlet.

 Electrical Outlet Extension Cord Wrapped Around the Christmas Tree Trunk 

The electrical outlet extension cord attaches to the tree trunk with the provided hook and loop attachment.  The lights are then plugged into the attached electrical outlet.

Extension Cord Plugged into the Rotating Platform 

Plug the electrical outlet extension cord into the recessed electrical outlet located on the top of the rotating platform.

Other Uses for the Round-About360 

There are plenty of uses for Round-About360.  It can be used as a rotating serving platter during a dinner gathering.  Or, display the bride and groom’s beautiful wedding cake.  The applications are limitless.

Just a few examples of the various Christmas tree stands that can be used on the Round-About360 rotating platform 

Project Timeline

Phase I – Proof of Concept

December 2017 – Initial concept idea began during Christmas 2017.

March 2018 – Contracted with an electrical engineer to discuss the fabrication of the initial prototype.

March 2018 – Initial drawings of the prototype from the electrical engineer.

May 2018 – CAD drawing of the top platform with a cutout for the electrical outlet.

June 2018 – CAD drawings – Side View.

June 2018 – CAD drawing – Internal Motor and Gear View.

August 2018 – Internal image of the finished prototype.

August 2018 – Video of a working prototype.

Phase II – Redesign and Product Enhancement 

June 2019 – Contracted with a product design group to redesign the look of the initial prototype and to add in additional features.

July 2019 – Working with the product design group to discuss the new design and about including the additional features:  (a) LED light across the side, and (b) variable speed rotating motor (c) rotate platform in both directions.

September 2019 – The product design group completed the re-design of the initial prototype.  

Phase III – Product Sourcing and Manufacturing

January 2020 – Contacted various injection mold manufacturers for quotes on plastic components and product sourcing.

March 2020 – Contracted with an electrical design company to design the PCB.  The PCB is a circuit board that will allow the remote control to communicate with the rotating platform.

June 2020 – Contacted various PCB manufacturers for quotes on the PCB circuit board and product sourcing.

July 2020 – Filed for a Non-Provisional Patent with the USPTO.

December 2020 – Start the Kickstarter campaign.

February 2021 – Initiate contract with the injection mold and the PCB manufacturers.

April 2021 – Review prototype samples. 

June 2021 – Complete functional prototype and acceptance testing. 

July 2021 – Initiate the first production run.

November 2021 – Shipping to customers.