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Samurai mask miniature figure which are transformed into jewelry.


Need some spice on your desk or on your shelf? It might help the issue.

It is an elaborate armor figure in your room.

it is an armor pendant when you go outside.

This is what I’d like to introduce to you The “Samurai mask miniature figure”!


1. “ONI” samurai mask miniature figure / pendant

“ONI” Samurai mask miniature figure
“ONI” Samurai mask with stand

2. “HAN” samurai mask miniature figure / pendant

“HAN” Samurai mask miniature figure
“HAN” Samurai mask with stand

3. Two Samurai mask miniature figure set

Two Samurai mask set
Two Samurai mask set

What is it?

Samurai Mask “Menpo”: Armor to protect the face of a samurai.

The mask, which inspires you and threatens your enemies, has been loved not only as an armor, but also as a piece of art since SENGOKU period in Japan.

The samurai mask that has got a lot of attention lately from biggest hit game, “Ghost of TSUSHIMA”.

I sculpted it into a figure. It can be displayed in your room and this isn’t just any decoration. This is not just an action figure, but a wearable figure. A wearable interior.

A samurai figure to display on your desktop every day.

A samurai pendant to adorn your neck when you’re out.

It will always be there to watch over you.

It is elaborately sculpted in sterling silver. Painted with Urushi, which was also used for real armor at that time. This color and the luster are the genuine.

A brass stand is included in this figure, so you can enjoy it on a shelf or on your desk in your room. You can transform it into a pendant when you go out with the attached cord. It will make you stand out.

You can take it wherever you go

It transforms

The Samurai mask transforms from a figure to a pendant!

It transforms to a pendant

Who made?

I’m Sumida Takahiro. 

I studied lacquer in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, the hometown of Urushi.

I am the owner of “Lacquersmith LYNX” in Yamanashi. The theme of Lacquersmith LYNX is “Samurai x Urushi”. I’ve been making things related to the Samurai.

My best known work is the Kabuto Ring, which was featured on a TV program.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lacquersmith.lynx/



Urushi is 100% natural ingredient which is collected urushi tree like a gum from rubber tree. We’ve been using urushi thousands years. It is a very rare natural material that can only be collected at a rate of one glass per tree. It is twice as valuable as silver. We use “raw urushi” which is direct from the trees as undercoating. Raw urushi don’t fit for the final coating. We have to refine urushi for it. When we refine urushi we just need sunlight, no electricity no chemical.

Another strong point of urushi is chemical resistance. After hardening (dry), urshi won’t affect by aqua regia, which can melt down gold. Urushi is only vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. People have been used this great material from ancient times. There are many superior painting materials nowadays. But I think they were born from urushi. Samurai armor makers used Urushi because it is weatherproof and rust-proof. I’d like to keep using urushi and re-discover the beauty of urushi. If you find something in my works, it would be my pleasure.