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Oct 21, 2020
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Nov 20, 2020

A graphic novel that follows a vengeful owl named Samurai Zoo, as he embarks on a bloody journey of revenge and hate filled wrath.

Golden Claw Clan
Samurai Zoo

Thank you for coming to my KickStarter page for my graphic novel entitled, Samurai Zoo. 

About this story:                                                               The human race has gone extinct from an unforgiving and mysterious virus. The animal kingdom inhabit the world now as the virus has transformed them into a functioning humanoid society. A vengeful owl named Samurai Zoo embarks on a bloody journey of revenge and hate filled wrath. Samurai Zoo must confront enemies of both past and present, as his path inevitably intertwines leading him to question his own morality and purpose in life. 

Samurai Zoo is a fully colored 336 page graphic novel. I plan to produce 100 copies in Black & White, as a reward item. This graphic novel is the first installment of the series. The second graphic novel will complete the story in full and currently is in the process of being written. I intend to be completely finished with writing the second novel before this year ends.   

About my story:                                                                      Again, thank you for coming to visit my page. I started this fundraising campaign in order to finish creating my graphic novel, Samurai Zoo. This is a story that I have been working on for six years now. This story was a dream of mine and finally has turned into something real and tangible. 

I’m an independent writer, actually I work as a pastry chef/baker as my day job. I’ve loved comic books since I can remember and always wanted to create one of my own. Lacking the skills of illustration, I’ve been writing comic books for twenty years.  

With life always in my way and taking me in different directions, I finally have reached a point where I believe enough in my writing and in this story. I want to share my writing with everyone and I truly believe this story has potential for greatness. And if not, than at least for once in my life, I can walk away knowing that I actually took a chance and tried something for myself.  

I’m not really comfortable doing something like this, but financially I’m in no position to actually take on this project. So with your donations, I plan to hire an artist and once the illustrations are complete, I plan to packaged, produce and independently distribute this graphic novel.   

Working with an artist that I found online, I’ve included some conceptual art panels. I hope these find your interest and excites you about this story as much as it did for me!

Thank you so much for any of your help! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me! Thank you!