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We are creating musical instruments in 3d for your perfect sound


At Vibrat3d we love music and technology. For that reason we made this combination of both to present our first project.

3D SAX Mouthpieces!

We have chosen the saxophone as the first candidate for its versatility for orchestra, band, studio, concerts, …

Carrying out an extensive study of the creation of this type of piece and the technology that we have selected to give you the best current sound quality.

At what point of the project are we?

After the study and development of the pieces, we are in the prototyping and testing of these.

We already have pieces at 80% of our goal, with the help of music professionals, we just need to finish tuning our characteristic sound that we hope you like.

How will we do it?

Doing a more exhaustive study and measurement, where a frequency analysis, subsequent prototyping and final production will enter for you.

As a goal of completion of the project of 3 months that we will try to make it a shorter period.

Of course we will have two main variants, which are the classic style with a rounder sound, and the modern style with a fresher and more electric sound.

Two lines of design (the final design may vary slightly if the prototype requires it)

 We know that each person has a style and plays a different saxophone, we do not forget several tessitura that we have included: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone.

The material used for manufacturing is resin, very characteristic of this type of product due to its resistance and resonance. With all suitable sanitary certification and in different colors that we will make available soon.

Main product features

Unique colors coming soon!

Outside of prototyping, we are creating unique colors and we will communicate soon how to request them.

Diagram of the arrangement of elements in the packaging (we continue to design variants)

What do you gain with your support?

Help a small artistic company to start in a broad sector such as music.

But above all the possibility of rewarding you with our product at half the final price and being one of the first to try it.

Also a special thanks on our future website to all collaborators.

What awaits us in the future?

Well, at the moment we are finishing the first sounds, but we are always innovating with different styles of camera that will be characteristic of us and more issues never seen.

Also as a music company, we will open ourselves to more instruments, always keeping 3d technology as our head.

Thank you for colaborate with us