$531 raised out of $70,000

With the aim of funding the creation of a new plattform for Scandinavian comic creators and readers!


ScanComic’s is an idea /project built on the observation that there is no digital platform for Scandinavian comic creators who want to share their stories – in their language. That is why we want to unite creators and readers from all over Scandinavia online on one and the same platform. Our ambition is to increase accessibility for avid comic book readers while giving comic book creators the opportunity to reach a wider audience!


We believe that a sustainable transition for independent creators on the Scandinavian comic scene is built on accessibility!

The business model is based on free distribution of comics to the platform’s visitors, which means increased opportunities to reach a wider audience. By continuously attracting comic creators we aim at becoming the place for reading Scandic online-comics. ScanComics brings together comic creators and readers to facilitate all processes and intermediaries, creating a kind of digital ecosystem that puts creators and consumers first.

Nice! What about the MoNeY?

The majority of the revenue generated on the platforms from premium reading services to addsales will go to the creators of the comics themselves.

When you buy a reading pass (unlock a chapter), you will be contributing directly to the comic creator’s revenue – something that we believe will appeal to readers. As the platform grows and traffic increases, the ambition is to slowly but surely be able to attract advertisers

This means that ScanComics does not depend on whether readers are paying customers, unlocking chapters or not. The traffic and future advertising revenue will contribute to a stable and lasting income for the creators.

Finally, at ScanComics, the comic creators will upload their works themselves, directly to the platform. All content uploaded to the platform will always be owned by the creators – not ScanComics. In other words, Creators are free to publish where they want!

Hi im Armando the founder of the ScanComics project, I absolutely love comics! (mostly japanese and Korean). These last couple of years I have found myself really engaging with webcomic platforms like Tapas & Webtoons.

I’m amazed by the communication among the audience and communication between writer and audience on these platforms. When people share their opinions about chapters, after reading a comic, it broadens the understanding about the comic itself. Through this process of conversations I find myself connecting with people with the same interests. Moreover, I believe that communication between writer and audience also helps webcomics to become a leading cultural trend.

Thats me!

Communication between writer and audience has, and still is, active in the paper-comics/fanzine communities. However, after the paper-comics moved into webcomics, the role of the audience became bigger and bigger because the outreach of webcomics is stronger than that of paper.

Another aspect that gets me going is the accessibility that comes with these platforms. I have access to read comics on all my media devices. It’s so convenient, I read online-comics wherever and whenever. At home, on my way to school or work, and yes I have started to develop some guilt over my excessive reading of webcomics!

But all of this is the reason I want to create the digital platform Scancomics, that’s the aim of the crowdfunding! To create such a webcomic platform for scandinavian comic-creators and readers to share our stories in our language!

Right now we are working with comic-creators backing the project and all it aims at being (@scancomics). We have a web agency in Malmö willing to develop and host the platform for the humble sum of 100 thousand Swedish pesos!

With your help we will try to get as close as possible to that goal!

Ps; Yes, this means i will be reading more comics, but hopefully with less guilt now..

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The domestic PostNord Priority Mail shipping is 40 SEK (56 SEK to DK, NO and FI). Shirts can be picked up in Malmö city to save on shipping. Thanks!