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Unleash the Future of Effortless Pool Maintenance with ScavBots Robotic Pool Cleaner!


Introducing the future of pool cleaning: The ScavBots Robotic Pool Cleaner. Dive into a new era of effortless pool maintenance with cutting-edge features designed to make every pool owner’s dream a reality. Thanks to its exceptional cleaning power, impressive runtime of up to 6 hours, and compatibility with all types of pools, the pristine beauty of your pool is just a splash away. Embrace the future with ScavBots – where innovation meets immaculateness.

Experience the pinnacle of cleaning excellence with ScavBots Robotic Pool Cleaner and its unmatched super-cleaning ability. Powered by cutting-edge patented flow channel design, boasting an impressive 1200pa suction strength and a high-flow rate of 4800GPH, our robotic pool cleaner tackles even the most stubborn debris, delivering unparalleled cleaning prowess.The ScavBots smart app lets you remotely control your pool cleaner to clean targeted areas. When cleaning is complete, you will receive an instant notification on your smartphone. The app also offers real-time battery monitoring and alerts to inform you of power levels.Say goodbye to haphazard cleaning routines and hello to a new level of efficiency with ScavBots. Equipped with intelligent path planning, this robotic pool cleaner takes the guesswork out of maintaining a spotless pool, ensuring every inch is meticulously cleaned.Thanks to its patented flow channel design and energy control technology, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous cleaning with our robotic pool cleaner. With an extended runtime, your pool will remain flawlessly clean, ensuring you have more time to relax and soak in crystal-clear water. Covering an extensive 9,700-square-foot cleaning area, ScavBots guarantees a spotless pool floor.Maintaining the right pH balance is crucial for water quality, but achieving and maintaining the optimal pH balance has never been easier. The ScavBots Robotic Pool Cleaner is equipped with a pH Sensor, and you’ll receive real-time pH measurements and alerts. The revolutionary ScavBots Pool Cleaner is the ultimate robotic pool cleaner engineered to excel in any pool environment.Elevate your pool cleaning experience with our advanced pool cleaner featuring LED lights. Not only do these lights facilitate maintenance, but they also visually indicate battery charge levels, cleaning modes, and operating status. Keep your pool sparkling clean, and with our innovative LED technology, you will instantly know the cleaner’s performance.The ScavBots Robotic Pool Cleaner is available at an unbeatable price. Manual pool cleaning costs around $150/month in general, excluding chemical expenses. With ScavBots, you can save enough for one in just three months. ScavBots is one of the leading suppliers of new-age robotics for swimming pools dedicated to innovation and global servicing. We have a profound commitment to improving the lives of pool owners worldwide and, therefore, continue producing the latest technologies that ensure hassle-free and time-saving maintenance services.