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A pet food bowl designed to help your pet eat their dry food.


Project origination

One day I drove over to my in-laws, and smelled the delicious aroma of chicken and sweet potatoes.  I asked, “Mmmm what’s for dinner?”  to which my mother-in-law laughed and exclaimed, “That’s not for you, that’s for the dog!”  She explained to me that their dog (Newfoundland) would not eat her dry dog food, and my mother-in-law was not going to watch her baby starve, so she had to cook for her daily.  

My mother-in-law meal prepping for her Newfoundland

Shortly after this, my dog (Alaskan Malamute) started sticking his nose up to the dry dog food we were feeding him, because he must’ve seen the treatment my in-laws were giving their dog.  My wife started mixing cuts of dog jerky treats in with his food, and he would scarf the whole bowl down.  After a few feedings my dog decided to pick out the jerky treats, and left the bowl filled with dry dog food.   

One day my wife put a single small cut of the jerky in with his dry dog food.  Our pup sniffed around, couldn’t find the small treat, and scarfed down the whole bowl.  I wondered if you could trick a dog into eating dry dog food by playing on their sense of smell, and thus the Scentricks Pet Food Bowl was born!

Science behind the product

The Scentricks pet food bowl plays on a dog’s superior sense of smell.  A dog has more than one hundred million sensory receptor sites in the nasal cavity, as opposed to their approximately 1,700 taste buds.  This means that a dog is more likely to eat something that smells good, as opposed to something that tastes good.  This also means that a dog is more likely to eat their dry dog food with a Scentricks pet food bowl as opposed to a regular food bowl.  

Patented design

With our innovative, user friendly, and patented design, feeding your pet has never been easier.  Our pet food bowl is designed to be unflippable, and your pet is unable to access the contents of the hidden aromatic compartment.  The bowl is designed to nest into other Scentricks pet food bowls, making traveling and storage easy for households with multiple pets.  

Scentricks pet food bowl


We are seeking funding to create an injection mold.  Injection molding is cost effective, and will allow us to mass produce this product.  With your help, we can make this product available to everyone across the globe, and help pet owners feed their pets.

Future plans

Since I was young, I’ve spent many hours in and out of dog shelters.  I have seen many animals come into those shelters malnourished, and sometimes the shelters have trouble feeding them.  I plan to partner with local shelters to help feed the dogs that need it most.  

Scentricks pet food bowl