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Intelligent, safe, comfortable and real-time positioning. Designed for the safety of you and your family!


The T8 in our hearts

At the very beginning of our design, we wanted the T8 to be a scooter that would allow you to ride safely on any complicated road surface. Leaky tires, frequent flat tires, violent bumps caused by uneven roads, loose grip brackets, safety on the road, etc. are all issues we’ve been considering, and we believe the T8 can solve these problems well.

We hope that whether on the beach, or the mountains, or on the way to work, T8 can let you play safely and happily!

In my use of other brands of scooter often encounter the problem of flat tires, after research we found that in the process of driving, human weight and acceleration brought about by the pressure will be concentrated in the front wheel of the scooter, vacuum tires are difficult to withstand this pressure for a long time, when pressed through the nails and gravel, the strong pressure can easily 

We tested longer nails and will update soon!

The T8 has secure 10-inch solid tires, which makes it strong enough to handle most road emergencies. You can ride the T8 as much as you want on any road surface, and it won’t  go flat or leak.

The most dangerous thing on the road isn’t nails, it’s other vehicles! We designed the T8 with 3 warning lights similar to those of a car so that everyone wi ll know how you want to move forward.

  • When you are driving normally, the blue light will be on continuously.
  • When you slow down, the yellow light will continue to flash to warn people around you.
  • When you are braking, the red light will will be on continuously.

When you enter a darker area such as a tunnel, the T8 will automatically turn on its lights.

The front light of T8 can light the way for you even in the darkest of nights.
Rear lights

For your safety, we use high-strength magnesium alloy to manufacture the body of T8, compared with the common aluminum alloy frame, magnesium alloy frame is lighter and can absorb more impact. And the body of T8 is a one-piece casting, Compared with the aluminum alloy body that needs to be welded, the magnesium alloy body of the T8 is stronger and has better shock absorption!

We tested the T8 frame using 276 Newtons push and pull force, Push and pull 10000 times in total!

We hope that the T8 will always be secure.

In addition to giving you the ultimate in safety, we also want to give you the most comfortable riding experience!

Limited by the scooter structure,Only a few scooters use rear shocks. The short distance between the rear wheel and the body makes the traditional shock absorbers unable to play the best effect, so we use a brand new technology on the scooter!

In the connection between the rear wheel and the body, we use high elasticity fatigue-resistant material, it can absorb the impact like a spring, allowing you to ride on uneven roads as smooth as riding on flat ground.

Imagine how it feels when you pass a speed bump and all the vibrations are transmitted to your hands? That must be very unpleasant, more likely to take your hands off the handlebar and fall out of control!

Even if the vibration doesn’t take your hands off, it will definitely make you tired of controlling the grip, and the T8’s front fork dampers can allow you to go over bumps comfortably.

T8 has a 149mm x 443mm huge pedal and a non-slip silicone pad, from little girls to adult men can comfortably stand on it.

Feel free to do what you need to do, T8 will take care of itself! T8’s patented lock has a built-in high-strength steel cable and anti-theft features, so no matter when you come back,T8 will be there waiting for you .

T8’s smart screen can adjust the speed and intelligently define the lighting…all your needs can be solved with clicking!

Connect app

In just 4 seconds, you can stuff it into the trunk of your car,go camping with the T8!

Replace the battery at any time, and charge the T8 anytime, anywhere

 In order to comply with the laws of some countries, we have made some modifications to T8 and made T8 light version. Compared with T8, T8 light reduces the motor power of T8 and changes the front fork dampers. See specifications sheet (36V) for detailed change data. We suggest that EU supporters buy after knowing the local laws!

Please understand the local laws in detail before purchasing!

We have been doing a lot of R&D and testing work before going live on Kickstarter so that the T8 can be delivered as early as possible. We still need to continue to test the stability of T8 and APP, as well as to test the shock absorption effect of the rear wheels when using other materials, and to continue the anti-fatigue test of the body.

We will upload all the development process in “Update” to ensure the transparency of this project and to keep all supporters informed of the progress.

We want to keep close communication with all our supporters before shipping, we promise to reply all comments and messages within 18 hours, of course, you can also find us via email.

We hope to complete the development process of T8 with all supporters, making it a scooter that can be liked by all backers.

T8 model
We are testing the parts of T8
Original version of battery parts

Before going to Kickstarter, we have successfully completed the design of many scooters, maybe you have seen the scooter we designed. 

But what bothers us is that it is difficult for us to directly obtain the customer’s idea of our design, we hope to understand the needs of customers, which can help us design a better product.

So we chose Kickstarter this time, we hope to get feedback from customers in time and implement these good ideas to make a really safe and comfortable scooter, this is our goal!

To keep this project going smoothly, we visited all of our supply chains and their factories in advance to make sure that all parts and components will not be affected by the by the epidemic.