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3D Printing | Design | Miniatures | DIY | Reverse Engineering | 0.01 Accuracy | 0.05 Resolution



Combining blue-light structured light technology with advanced point cloud fusion algorithms,Seal effortlessly transforms the physical world into 3D models for printing, design, albums, DIY, and reverse engineering.

  • Industry leading 0.01mm accuracy
  • 24-bit color capture
  • Free build-in software with lifelong OTA updates
  • Versatile senarios
  • AI-smart intelligent accessories


Fossil 3D scanning – Mamlambo Fossils

Create Animated 3D Characters with a 3D Scanner

Scanning Test – 3DMakerpro

SEAL and SEAL LITE utilize Blue Light Encoded Structured Light technology. With a shorter wavelength (400-500 nanometers), it projects precise structured light. This technology captures minute details, textures, and edges, delivering unmatched precision in high-res 3D models.

The SEAL series employs professional survey-grade optical lenses, enhancing visual performance to an exceptional level.

Seal achieves accuracy up to 0.01mm, catering to industries demanding high accuracy such as reverse engineering, restoration, and customization.

Boasting a remarkable 0.05mm resolution, Seal captures intricate details effortlessly, offering up to 5 times the resolution of similar scanners.

24-bit color camera adds vivid colors, contrast, and intricate details to models.

Single-frame coded structured light technology, each photo can generate a point cloud frame, achieving true 10fps.

① Install JMStudio software

② Start collecting

③ Edit mesh and export OBJ/STL/PLY files.

Scan quality heavily relies on software, making our self-developed JMStudio essential. Years of continuous iteration have led to enhanced scanning and editing capabilities. Supporting 8 languages and offering lifelong free OTA updates.

JMStudio integrates scanning, editing, and fusion functions, eliminating the need for third-party software to achieve high-quality models.

Supports OBJ/STL/PLY/ASC formats, catering to all 3D model needs in fields like modeling, animation, presentation, printing, and design, expanding your scan’s applications.

These intelligent kits mark a significant stride in the 3DMakerpro Smart Platform. Our aim is to provide users with smart, automated, and highly customizable suites that elevate the performance and capabilities of the scanner to their fullest potential.

Smart Grip connects Seal to your smartphone, enabling on-the-go scanning.

Easily scan objects with automation that lets beginners scan like a pro, and advanced customization with script editing for experts.

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Founded in 2015, as a professional 3D scanning device brand, has committed to develop professional-level scanners and consuming-level scanners, in order to bring our consumers to the real 3D world.

3DMakerpro has acquired 88 patents in the 3D field and 78 software copyrights, which proves the ability of what 3DMakerpro is capable of in long-term technology and enterprise development.