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Security and Communications Control Center for apartment buildings, cottage villages and enterprises. App for easy management


 Security and Communications Control Center

Information technology makes life easier for all of humanity.

Our project will quickly solve the routine work. The remaining time can be spent pondering other aspects of life.

Applications have become part of our lives.

The information age does not spare those who are not able to accept the benefits and convenience of information technology.

Our product does not offer you physical protection – The product is designed to organize the work of a particular physical force, organizations that fulfill obligations to you personally, which in most cases mimic labor activity.

Using the application, you increase the level of security for yourself and your loved ones. The concept of the human factor is excluded.

Security and Communications Control Center for residential complexes, apartment buildings, villages and enterprises.

The application can be installed on your gadget, and with this product you can create and control the level of comfort and security in residential and non-residential buildings.

From the author:

The main achievement of man is that which he is able to leave behind. We believe a person must do what they can in order to improve the standard of living on Earth. Each of us must contribute.

The project that we want to bring to your attention is the “Center for the management of residential complexes, apartment buildings, villages and enterprises.” People can “unite” to create favorable conditions for life. The basis of this project is security. Each of us is obliged to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

You decide for whom to write out a pass, set up a schedule of events, know where your relatives are, communicate with your neighbors (need help – ask for help from a neighbor, the neighbor is noisy – ask him not to make noise, elderly people live nearby – set up a schedule for assisting them, electronic voting for home improvement offers, convenient video request from incident records, house rating – condition of the house, condition of the lawn, community work days, what services can you provide for your neighbors, information about incidents in your area of ​​residence, information about criminals, and much more.

For mobile devices: Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

Substantial amounts of work is required for development on each platform.

Product safety, data collection and analysis, high productivity of this product require painstaking work at the development stage.

The server is designed for large-scale automated work and integration into third-party systems.

Security Protocol – The use of a cryptographic protocol. Digital identity cards – protocols for assigning an ID (identification number) to users.

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We will talk more about the application functionality in the News section.

We look forward to collaborating.