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(patent pending)


The product is a top entrance, no-spillage self-cleaning cat litter box.

The box does not spill litter during the cleaning as it has a rubber seal.

It also ensures minimal exposure to the cat litter as the cover is removed only during the final filtration.

The design is a top entrance as cats like to dig and scatter the litter. 

The product is environmentally friendly as there are no bags or other single-use items required.

1/4″ (7 mm) is the minimum particle size that can be filtered out. That corresponds to the best cat litter scoops mesh size.

The product was designed with the use of FEA (Finite Method Analysis), to find an optimal compromise among weight, performance and durability.

Three main components are simple injection moulded parts. Other parts are a plate, a rubber seal, and connections (nuts, washers and screws).